2006 World Kabaddi Cup Kabaddi.org live chat
kabaddi matches are supposed to begin at 10am
kabaddi_06 hello?
kabaddi_06 in england dey start @ 3-4 pm
kabaddi_06 canada 10am i fink yeah
kabaddi you lot are 5 hours ahead
kabaddi so about 3-3:30
kabaddi just uploaded some interviews
kabaddi there in the 2006 kabaddi world cup video folder
kabaddi_06 r dye gna show da wkc on atn or wot man
kabaddi hang on i'll find out in a bit
kabaddi when they get here
kabaddi_06 k sound ive cheked ALL the atn channels and dey r no showin ne kabaddi fing in thier schedule
kabaddi we'll ask and find out'
kabaddi watch the interviews
kabaddi just organizers stuff
kabaddi england team gonna be bad
kabaddi_06 lol i gna show da interviews 2 my dad lol i jus want to watch thr action
kabaddi_06 COME ON ENGLAND
kabaddi cool
kabaddi yeah interviews are just about the sports club and fed
kabaddi and how toronto fed is the best :)>
kabaddi_06 lol c u frm toronto den
kabaddi we're a bit busy yeah
kabaddi be back later
kabaddi sorting out the homepage
kabaddi looks like it will start a little behind schedule
kabaddi_06 IS the channel cofirmed yet???
kabaddi sorry mate bad news
kabaddi the atn network is canada only
kabaddi_06 omg
kabaddi sorry
kabaddi we'll give you play by play
kabaddi tell you what we will try to put up a new video clip every 10 minutes
kabaddi_06 i jsu wanna c sandeep laliyan raidin and dat
kabaddi i've got to go
kabaddi well be back for game time
kabaddi were gonna take loads of video and stuff
kabaddi_06 how long left till the start
kabaddi atleast 45 minutes before the matches
kabaddi its 9:40 here
kabaddi_06 2 45 pm ere
kabaddi yeah what time did i say? 3 or 3:30 yeah
kabaddi_06 yh
kabaddi_06 how u gna catch da clips????
kabaddi_06 Duz ne1 know bout dis chat room im dissapointed bout how meny peeps hve come 2 dis chat room 4 da main event KABADDI WORLD CUP!!!
kabaddi yeah it's on the homepage mate
kabaddi posting the schdule now
kabaddi match 1: Punjab Kesi vs Canada West
kabaddi_06 come on
Sukhi hey man what times the first game?
kabaddi_06 jus an encouragment
kabaddi hello
kabaddi can't say for sure
Sukhi have the opening ceremonies finished or whatever man
kabaddi maybe 20 minutes
kabaddi nope
kabaddi there going to have some sort of martial arts display first
Sukhi oh ok cool, do you have any idea how long it takes to get there from brampton bro
Sukhi oh ok
kabaddi_06 lol so the match aint started
kabaddi 40 minutes
kabaddi nope not yet
Sukhi i guess i better wake my cousin up huh,
kabaddi you'll be okay if you show up in an hour or so
kabaddi might miss the first half of first match
Sukhi i knew we shouldnt have gone out last night, stupid carabana weekend
kabaddi we'll be back
Sukhi say what?
kabaddi im saying were going away from the computer for a bit
kabaddi 11am local time
Sukhi whos the first match between?
kabaddi punjab kesri vs canada west
kabaddi Kidah
Sukhi cool thanks
kabaddi got a quick video of uk young players
Sukhi you guys updating the website simultaniously?
kabaddi were gonna put up videos
kabaddi after each match
kabaddi just a few
Sukhi oh ok cool
kabaddi will be up in a minute
Sukhi should try to get prof. makhan sight to mention kabaddi .org while commentating
Kooner Hi guys... sorry Amo was bad recpetion
kabaddi yeah thwy will
kabaddi definetly
kabaddi no problem
kabaddi kabaddi - it's in the game
kabaddi uk boys video now online
kabaddi check the homepage
kabaddi one sec while i rename it
kabaddi someone check it and let us know
kabaddi will be back in 5 minutes
Sukhi hey amo its sukh takhar man, im gonna head down there soon, is it cool to call you on the same cell you called from
kabaddi yeah but don't know if we can sort you out
kabaddi usa boys talking crap video up
Sukhi yeah nah thats cool man im getting some tickets sorted bro
Sukhi see eyo u guys in a bit man, im out
Kooner all sorted panic over
Kooner Amo -stick to the WMV file format
kabaddi sorry guys we lost the connection
kabaddi kooner i can put up wmv but i'll have to convert them
kabaddi it will take longer
kabaddi i can get video up in almost instantly if we don't convert them
Kooner Ok no probs
Kooner just that Quicktime files take more bandwith
kabaddi nah there small clips
kabaddi almost game time
Kooner Thanks for the live feed!
kabaddi shame we didn't have more time we could have broadcasted it live properly
Kooner the stadium is rammed
kabaddi_06 jus det as meny videos as u can brothers
sangha07 stadium rammed? its the same stadium as 2004 i c
kabaddi no its bigger
Kooner yeah
kabaddi much bigger
Kooner kidah Sangha
kabaddi we've got two cameras
kabaddi one we can put up right away
sangha07 how u doin kooner
kabaddi other needs to be converted
Kooner ok man
sangha07 is it copps collisiuem or summat?
kabaddi copps
kabaddi this is gonna be a good game
sangha07 ok who's playing?
Beginning of Match Play: Canada West vs Punjab Kesri

kabaddi kesri punjab vs canada west
kabaddi lakha standing right in front of us
kabaddi guys we can't give all the players names yet
kabaddi we'll give them as they play
kabaddi damn lakha dropped someone like crazy
kabaddi kaka raiding
kabaddi kaka's point
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi karawali
kabaddi double touch
kabaddi lakhi's point
kabaddi canada west
kabaddi kesri punjab point by shere boparai
kabaddi my mistake
kabaddi jugga point double touch
kabaddi gabbars point
kabaddi gabbars point against thau
kabaddi lakha rading
kabaddi whole team went after him
kabaddi tripple touch
kabaddi kaka point of kinda from bc
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi lakhi caught in kenchi
sandhu whos gabbar playin for
kabaddi crowd going wild
kabaddi punjab kesri point (stop)
kabaddi makhans stop
Kooner Makhan Saidoke?
kabaddi sheera boporai point
kabaddi jaggas point
kabaddi gabbar raiding
kabaddi gabbar points after battle
kabaddi lakha gets another point
kabaddi kaka gets out of kenchi
kabaddi him and gurjit battling
kabaddi kaka's point
kabaddi jaggga cuaght in kenchi
kabaddi by sikander
kabaddi trying to pull him out of bounds
kabaddi sikanders point time expires
kabaddi sorry common point
kabaddi sheera point
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi lakha back peddles back against makhan
kabaddi gabbar raiding
kabaddi thau has gabbar
kabaddi gabbar escapes
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi lakhas point of phuda
kabaddi aniket goes for kaka
kabaddi gets his wrist but kaka gets point
kabaddi sorry khuda
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi lakha touches gogo double touch
kabaddi sheera boporai raiding
kabaddi stoppers stepped out
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi gogga stops jagga
kabaddi jagga appears to be hurt
kabaddi looks like he banged his head
kabaddi gabbar caught in kenchi
Kooner Goggo kooner stops Jagga Aluwal dheria
kabaddi kuljit stopped babbar
kabaddi gabbar
kabaddi yeah that's right kooner
kabaddi lakhas point of makhan
kabaddi kaka's point
kabaddi lakhi raiding
Kooner who is winning?
kabaddi lakhi gets point of makhan
kabaddi will let you know the score at half time
kabaddi canada west stoppers step out of bounds
kabaddi sikhander did a flying kenchi on jagga but jagga gets out
kabaddi labhi escapes from kenchi
kabaddi from kuljit
sandhu whos gabbar playin for
kabaddi these guys are wasteing no time to raid
kabaddi gogga goes for lakha, lakhas point
kabaddi kaka raiding
kabaddi punjab kesri
kabaddi kaka's point of thau
kabaddi lakhi cuaght in kenchi
kabaddi sheera boparais point
Kooner is that Laki Kurali?
kabaddi double touch on jagga
kabaddi yeah kurali
kabaddi labhi gets away from kala
kabaddi looks like punjab kesri is winning
kabaddi lakha gegts point of gogo kooner again
kabaddi gabbar stopped by baljit
kabaddi lakhi kurali pushes gogo out
kabaddi kaka raiding
sandhu punjab kesri look too strong for this canada west
kabaddi kaka's point of ekam
kabaddi yeah there both good
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi but gabbar keeps getting stopped
kabaddi jaggas point of makhan
Kooner i am confused
kabaddi sheera raiding
kabaddi sheera and hardeep thau batttling
kabaddi hardeep winning
kabaddi sheera near line
Kooner gabbar keeps getting stopped
kabaddi stretches for point
kabaddi WOW
kabaddi we'll put it up at half time
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi lakhis point stopper went for him straight away
kabaddi labhi gets caught from legs but gets away
kabaddi lakhi raiding
sandhu punjab kesri have shera boparai, gabbar, and kaka raiding?
kabaddi lakhi point of gabroo
kabaddi yeah
sangha07 ok can u list the players on each team plz, at half time or full time
Kooner thats awesome!
kabaddi kaka battling with kuljit
kabaddi yeah at half time
kabaddi labhi raiding
sandhu whooos gabru
kabaddi bc stoppers goes for labhi, labhi speeds past him
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi double touch on lakha
kabaddi kaka raiding
kang kidha mitra
kang war is on
kang akhi got stopped by gogo
kabaddi kaka battling and pushes ekam down
kang thau playin his best
sangha07 gabbar is frm india played in england
kang live on aplpha punjabi
kabaddi lakhi got caught by kenchi twice
kabaddi lakha caught again
kabaddi dragging stopper
kabaddi oh nice
kabaddi stoppers point
kang are you pplz from canada?
kang im from surrey
kabaddi live in australia?
kabaddi oooh
kabaddi thanks kang
kang dunno abt aussy
kabaddi sheeras point of aniket
kang but its kickin here man
kang jus awesome
kabaddi jagga's point
kabaddi half time
Half time of first Match

kang us like soccer n cricket
kabaddi 28-24 punjab kesri winning
kabaddi brb
kang sweet
kang punjabi kesri(khalistan)right?
kabaddi canada west:
kang canada west will win it
kabaddi lakha, hardeep thau, kuljit, ekam (stopper)
kabaddi aniket
kabaddi jagga
kabaddi and lakhi
kang hardeep need to show some of his best kabddi
kabaddi punjab kesri:
sandhu name the teams amo pls
kang what abt ali sandhu???
kabaddi kaka
kabaddi sheera
kabaddi not here
kang isnt he playin for canada west
kabaddi gabbar
kabaddi no ali sandhu
kabaddi labhi
kang damn anyways its all goosd
kabaddi stoppers: gogo kooner, bittu, makhan, sikander
kang oye kabaddi are you from canada?
kabaddi nad khuda stopping
kabaddi kaka's point
kabaddi kabaddi.org baby
kabaddi were from all over
kang gogo is awsome
kabaddi lakha gets point of khuda
sandhu is that Makhan Saidoke , very tall chap
kabaddi lakha almost gets caught by ekam
kabaddi but gets away
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi sorry labhi not lakha
kabaddi jaggas point
kabaddi sheera boparai raiding
kang oh so we got labhi playin for our side
kang ol
kabaddi not sure if its saidoke but hes tall
kang we can do it dude
Kooner Who has played the best so far... player?
kang who's winin now?
kabaddi sheeras point of aniket
kabaddi lakha by far
kabaddi untouchable
kang oh they dont tell score
kabaddi lakha just got point
kang anikait is ok
kabaddi two guys fall going after kaka
kang i neva notic him playin best game
kabaddi score keeper is right in front of us
kabaddi_06 is dis da first game
kabaddi makhan vs lakhi
kang playrs like gogo or hardeep thau need to step up
kabaddi lakhi cuaght by leg
kang alll the hope on them
kabaddi gets point by dragging makhan
kang lakhi mannnnnnnnnnn
kabaddi yeah your right
Kooner sandhu> yaar do u know the teams?
kabaddi hardeep thau stopping labhi
kabaddi labbhi escaps
kang labhi is good
kabaddi jaggar caught by leg
kabaddi falls to ground
kang he knows how to role it
sandhu yes mate just typing them in the forum
kabaddi bittu has hime
kabaddi kenchi
kabaddi bittu doggal
kang thnx for the live commen...this is jus great
kabaddi_06 is he frm sme pind as gurlal yh
kabaddi canada west stopers step out
kabaddi no problem
kang next week its gonna be ere in van
kabaddi lakha just got point
kabaddi ekam gets kaka by wrist
kang damn man
kabaddi but kaka escapes
kabaddi jagga point of bittu
kang kaka is unstoppble
kabaddi 36-30
sandhu bittu ghanour then , skinny guy
kabaddi labhi raiding
kabaddi kuljit and labhi
kang damn
kabaddi labhi ;pushed out
Kooner sandhu> yaar I am going to edit ur post and put them at the top is thats ok with u
kabaddi kang how fast is the chat
kabaddi are we up to speed?
kabaddi gogo gets lakha's foot
kabaddi lakha gets point
kabaddi sheera raiding
kang i think lakha shud do all the raids for us
kabaddi yeah make urself a mo
Kooner sandhu> just edit my post every time u find out who is playing for who
kabaddi nd type / save
kabaddi no spaces
kabaddi double touch on sheera
kang hardeep man we got so much on him
Kooner sandhu> cheers
sandhu ok
kabaddi 37-32
kang chakdey bayi
kabaddi jaggas point stopper stepped out
kabaddi kakas point of kuljit
sandhu punjab kesri winning?
kang damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn go canada west go
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi lakhas point dhabroo
kabaddi labhis point of hardeep
kabaddi thau is getting burnt
kang lakha all the way
kabaddi jagga caught by bittu
kabaddi sorry makhan
kabaddi he's out
kabaddi jaggas point
kang hardeep thau is one of the best back in punjab
kabaddi they have a green light for a timer
kabaddi it flahses when there's 5 secs left
Sukhi is anyone able to give directions to copps collisium please
kabaddi sheeras point again
kabaddi sukhi call channi
kabaddi 40-35
Kooner sandhu> if u click on the name on the side u can do private chat
kang yea baby jus like traffic lights
kabaddi lakhas point
Sukhi sweet thanks will do
kabaddi kaka point of kuljit
kang england league still go by the whistle
kabaddi kaka jumped over kuljit
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi not having a good day so far
Sukhi cousin just woke up he knows the way to hamilton, so will call on the way
kabaddi caught again
kabaddi by bittu
Sukhi looks like im missing alot of action huh
kabaddi solid kenchi
kabaddi_06 lakha caught\?????
kabaddi bittu's point
kabaddi_06 who by
kabaddi lakhi
kabaddi bittu
kabaddi sheer raiding
kabaddi_06 o hes bad man
kabaddi him and kuljit slapping
kabaddi sheera goes down but straight back up
kabaddi point sheera
kang lakhi yaar ehne koyi numba vi lia
kabaddi lakha raiding
kang pissin us off
kabaddi loser is out of the cup
kabaddi lakha down
kang shudnt be in our team
kabaddi they've got him in kenchi
kabaddi crowd going crazy
kabaddi stoppers point
kabaddi gogo kooner
kabaddi crazy
kang ali should have been there
kabaddi labhi raiding
Sukhi @#$*! lakha stopped huh
kang woohhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooo gogo
kabaddi labhi vs ekam
kabaddi_06 lol
kabaddi 42-36
kang he is the allstar
kabaddi jaggas point
kabaddi gabbar raiding
sandhu punjab kesri ripping them apart
Kooner 100 dollars to Goggo Kooner from me!
Kooner ha
kang chuklo buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi gabbar vs thau
kang give him more
kabaddi lol really i'll give it right now kooner
kabaddi gabbars gets stopped by thau
kabaddi about time
kang he is young n stoppin all the big names
kabaddi_06 is dat gabbar rom england
kang comon thau time is runnin
kabaddi jaggas point
Kooner Amo take some pix of Goggo and interview as well
kang chakdey hatha te ghut la ke
kabaddi labhi raiding
kabaddi yah from uk
kabaddi_06 ooooooooooo
kabaddi labhi and kuljit again
kang yea baby interview all the playrs
sandhu aman just posting canada west players
kabaddi labhi's point
kang you guys r doin a great job
kabaddi thanks
kabaddi doujble touch on lakhi by sikander
kang i'd like to support you anyways
kabaddi_06 INIT BIGP 2 U:Z!!!!!
kabaddi unfortunetly im missing out on video clips because of chat
kabaddi but we'll sort somethign out
sangha07 yeh amo rate u big time for this, BAD MAN FRM CALi haha
kabaddi FONT COLOR="#000000">sheera's point of thau

kang its ok we'll get the video
kabaddi_06 come on bhaji try getvideo clips i can understand its hard
kabaddi channi taking video so we'll get it up later
kang ur doin balle bale
kabaddi lakha's point again
kang keep it up
kabaddi kaka raiding
kabaddi_06 AMO ZINDBAD!!
kabaddi easy point for kaka as playing makes dive
kabaddi game over
Kooner lol
Sukhi whos doing the original video for it, is it sunrise again?
kabaddi sorry it's not over
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi close match
kang oye bayi kon jitia?
kabaddi 48-42 still going
kang kesri(khalistan)
kabaddi kesiri winning
kabaddi labhi point of kuljeeta
kabaddi game over
kabaddi canada west out
kang i shud play next yr
kang this is fun
Sukhi oh gutted
kabaddi 49-42 unofficial score - score keeper ran off lol
End of First Match

kang love the game
sandhu well done punjab kesri
kang oye far lo mundio
kabaddi brb with uploaded video
kabaddi_06 can ya name the punab kesri palers ukcypleeez
kabaddi_06 main players frm kesri
Kooner u can check all the player names on
kabaddi alreaddy did
kabaddi Scroll up
kabaddi may have missed one or two
Kooner http://www.kabaddi.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1098
kabaddi brb
kang so whos next up?
sandhui think i got most of the players on their
kabaddi its on the site
kabaddi guys fill them in
kabaddi brb
Kooner sandhu> can u do a match summary yaar
Kooner was too fast for me!
kabaddi india vs usa
kang this is fun man
kang like this
kang woohoooooo go india goo
kabaddi_06 init me my dad ere bad boi fnkz 2 a u boiz
kang man are you british?
kang i heard england 's team is good too
kabaddi_06 YH!!! y
kang we'll c
kang jus askin
kabaddi_06 yh england bad eam
kabaddi this is gonna be a sick game as well
kang kithey gaey commentator
Kooner I am tipping PUNJAB KHESRI all the way with that line up!
kang all the matches gonna be sick as much as kundia de sing fas ge
kabaddi video online don't all watch it at once lol
kang lol
Kooner Goggo will kill it like he has been doing all year in Canada
kang i'll watch it later
kang yea man
kang he is way up there high class star
sandhu who were the best players in that match then guys
kang gogo n kaka kari sari
kabaddi well lakha got stopped once
kabaddi sheera untouchable
kabaddi kaka untouchable
kang yea sheera too
sandhu final score 49-42?
kabaddi kuljeet from canada west had three stops
kang yo bayi ji hows the crowd is it packed?
kabaddi yeah 49-42
kabaddi yeah it' s packed now
kang well done kuljit
kabaddi big place but still some emtpy seats
kang wa abt hardeep thau
kabaddi he was okay
kabaddi had 2 stops i think but a lot of attempts
sangha07 cant believe im all the way in england and the world cup is goin on
kang apne pplz come jus like punjab police
kang war is on
kabaddi anyone seen the clip yet
kang no man
sangha07 naa wer it at
sandhu how you doing sangha its me joti
kang u told us not to push each otha
Beginning of 2nd Match: USA vs India

kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi dhullas point
Kooner sandhu> yaar Canada East are not out
kang i think gogo will take the award of best stopper
kabaddi sukhi raiding
kang dhulla is crazeeeeeeeeeeeee
kang is he playin for usa or india?
kabaddi caught by usa stopper but gets away
Kooner look at the schedule they have to play one more match
sangha07 how u doin joti
kang i hope indocandian
kabaddi usa raiding
kabaddi usa point
kabaddi name to come
kabaddi pinder raiding
kang name the plr whoever raid bro
kabaddi jogi got the point for us in last raid
sandhu sorry i'll change that
kabaddi tirath double touch on pinder
kabaddi jogi
kabaddi sonu jump raiding
kang comonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
kabaddi sonu jumps point
kang is sonu in usa?
kabaddi stopper touched line
kabaddi shamma and tirath
kabaddi tirath throws kenchi but shamma gets out
kabaddi not sure if his name was shamma
kabaddi dhulla raiding against jaggi lopowala
kabaddi dhullas piont
kabaddi usa stopper pushes raider out
kabaddi sukhjit raider?
kabaddi jogi raiding
sangha07 amo is arshi playing
kang woohooo this is a match to watch
kabaddi kinda goes for jogi
kabaddi gets him
kabaddi gets away
kang goin hottt
kabaddi wow
kabaddi yeaaaah
kabaddi_06 wos jogi playn 4 man
kabaddi sukhi raiding
kabaddi sukhi vs mangi
kabaddi sukhi's point
kabaddi usa
kabaddi jogi playing for usa
kabaddi sonu raiding
kabaddi_06 omg
kang oye chukloooooooooooooooooooo fulka hia
Kooner Is that JOGI from Coventry
kabaddi_06 kk lol dat do
kabaddi sonu pushed out
kabaddi by sandeep
kabaddi gurdaspuria
kabaddi_06 yh i fought he wa 4 uk
kabaddi pinder raiding
kabaddi pinder caught by meek
kabaddi meeks point
kang ohhhhhhhhhh meeka
kabaddi dhulla riading
kabaddi (jogi from india)
kabaddi dhullas point of sandeep
kabaddi_06 come on dhulla
kang sandeep who ????nagal??
kabaddi tunna vs vicky ghaonar
kang nangal?
kabaddi from gurlals village
kabaddi vicky's point
kabaddi_06 na sandeep gurdaspur init
kabaddi jogi raided, stoppers stepped out
kabaddi sandeed gurdaspuria
kabaddi pay attention guuys
kabaddi_06 i am!
kabaddi dhullas point of mangi
kang oye ehnu chuklo ehnu rakhlo ehde kan te godha dhak do
kabaddi_06 lol
kabaddi sonu jump raiding
kabaddi 9-9
kabaddi sonu and kinda went at it
kang wooohoooooooooooooo very tight
kabaddi sonu got away from his grips
sandhu looks like all gurlals pindus are playing this one
kabaddi pinder caught again by meek
kabaddi wrestling
kabaddi_06 lol
kabaddi meeks point
kabaddi 2nd stop
kabaddi 2 for 2 for meeks
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi_06 so all indain players close enough frm ganour haha
kabaddi dhullas point jaggi
kabaddi of jaggi
kang yea n then howcome the score is at peace
kang dhulla is untouchable
kabaddi tirath goes after vicky
kabaddi vicky's point
Kooner sandhu> is that Jogi from Cov do u reckon?
kabaddi juggi raiding
kabaddi gets dropped
kabaddi_06 CANT B FRMCV
kabaddi gurjinder hariyana
kabaddi jaggi gest out
kabaddi wow
kabaddi_06 NOT COV HES PLAYN 4 ENGLAND int
sandhu is jogi short but very strong
kabaddi i said where jogi was from, check it
kabaddi from india
kabaddi sonu raiding
kang oye far loooooooooooooooooooo ehnu
kabaddi sonu's point of kala
kang eh sikh sardaar gabru rukda nahi kise toooo
kabaddi sukhi's point mangi
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kang kehra jammu soorma
kang will it be googo
kabaddi dhullas point of kala
kabaddi vicky raiding
kabaddi meeks has him
kabaddi_06 howz dulla dun
kang damn
kabaddi meeks point
kabaddi_06 VA VA DHULLIA
kabaddi 3 for 3
kang its more like dhulla vs sonu
kabaddi 15-10
kabaddi usa
kabaddi jogi vs sandeep
kabaddi_06 WHOZ DULLA 4 INDIA init
kang meeks used to wrestle on mats
kabaddi gets caught by line
kabaddi reaches for point
kabaddi bappu man raiding vs tunna
kang he is like the god of rubber
kabaddi babbu not bappu
kabaddi sonu raiding
kang lol
kabaddi double touch and sonu goes flying
kabaddi sukhie raiding
kabaddi meek goes for him
kang waaaaah dulla raid paunda agge chaar mava de balli putt kharey ne
kabaddi sukhi gets point
kabaddi dhulla up again
kang dekho kehde naal kundia de sing fasde
sandhu is that babbu baharan
kang aaah meria ddhadia rabba
kang oh nahi reeesa terai
kang who's the commentry man//??
kabaddi double touch on dhulla but they give it to stopper
kang why??????????????????????????????????//
kang comonnnnnnnnnnnnn
kabaddi makhanali not makhan singh
kabaddi_06 why
kabaddi mangi stops vicky
kabaddi jogi raiding
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi jogi point of haryani
kabaddi gurjinder haryani
kang damn im missin it
kabaddi babbu's point mangi
kabaddi_06 is makhan braar dere though
kabaddi sonu and harayani
kabaddi meek vs sukhi
kabaddi meek drops down
kabaddi yeah makhan singh is here
sandhu is that babbu baharan
kabaddi there's 6 commentators
kabaddi_06 gdgd
kabaddi YEAH SIX
kang cool]
kabaddi kinda gets dhulla
kabaddi struggling
kabaddi kinda has kencdhi
kabaddi hulla
kabaddi dhulla out
kabaddi wow
kabaddi we got that on clip
kang what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
kabaddi bahdhana
kabaddi babbu bahdana
kabaddi jogi point of sandeep
kabaddi suhi raiding
kabaddi_06 lol
kabaddi double touch by tunna
kabaddi 22-17 usa winning
sandhu babbu baharan he is gurjit tootpinds mate
kabaddi sonu jumps literally
kabaddi sonu jumpes of gaggi lopo
kang i can c them in semi final
kabaddi point sonu
kabaddi babbu raiding
ld a whos on the usa team
kabaddi vs mangi
kang woooohooooooooooooooooooooo sonu all the way
kabaddi babbu caught
kabaddi dragging
kabaddi backwards
kabaddi strecthing
kabaddi time runs out
kang did he really jumps of that jaggi guy
kabaddi inces away
kabaddi yeah he did
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kang i hope u have caught it on clip
kang he did that four times in one raid
kabaddi dhulla speeds past sandeep konkya
kang it was againts gogo at abby tournie
kabaddi sukhi raiding going at with tanna
kabaddi pushed out by tunna
kabaddi jogi raiding
kabaddi kinda stopping jogi
kabaddi has kenchi on him
kabaddi jogi gives up
kabaddi new raider
kabaddi new player from india
kang damn i wanna play too
kabaddi going at it with mangi
kang but no support
kabaddi mangi much taller
kabaddi raiders point
kabaddi sheera jargidri
kabaddi was the raider
kabaddi sonu gets point of gogo lopo
kang farlooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
kabaddi_06 u guys i feel like kissn u
kabaddi half time
kabaddi_06 dis is brilliant
kang whats the score yo?
kandola wassup
kabaddi one sec
kang kidha
kandola aaa
kabaddi 27-19 usa
kandola u guys know who plays for usa
kang lol
kang usa in semi final
kang india out
kabaddi_06 indi koi gal ni nxt yr lol haha
kandola coo coo
kang they have better stopp line
kabaddi_06 COME ON ELAND!!!!!!!!
kang lol
kabaddi its only half time
Kooner sandhu> did u get the player names
kang its gonna be england n canada east
kang lol
kang hat 'll be a match to bet on
kabaddi_06 no it aint
sandhu name all the player pls amo
Kooner Punjab Khesri all the way!!!
kabaddi_06 sandeep laliyan is gna go out den haha
kang lets c if pappu choorchak stop sandeep lallia
kabaddi_06 AMO ZINDABAD!!!!!!
kang khalistan all the way
kang kesri flags up in the air
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi_06 COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!
kabaddi guys enough
kang kehre name karriey sandhu
kandola whos playing for usa
kabaddi usa players:
kang from which team
kabaddi jogi
kabaddi sonu jump
kabaddi dhulla
kabaddi mangi
kabaddi jet
kabaddi keepa
kabaddi junni
kabaddi sunny kandola
kabaddi aarshi
kabaddi dunnali
kabaddi meek
kabaddi tirath
kabaddi_06 mngi mittapur
kabaddi second half started
kang not mitha puria
kabaddi_06 keepa bandani killa??
kandola what about for india
kabaddi sukhi's point of double touch
kang he is injured
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi keepa sadanwalia for usa
kang dhulla is back
kang cool
kabaddi kesar stopping dhulla
kabaddi dhulla gets out and gets point
kabaddi stopper bleeding
kang dhulla n keepa beef is on
kabaddi dhulla raid video online
kang cool
kang thnx
kabaddi tirath stopped babbu
kabaddi sonu raiding
sandhu usa got about 15 players?
kabaddi sonu gets pushed but makes it
kabaddi yeah but only allowed 10
kabaddi we just put down everyone we got when they made announcment
kabaddi tunna vs sheera jagari
kabaddi sheera's point
kabaddi jogi raiding, gets caught by kinda
kabaddi wrestling
kabaddi kinda's point (stopper)
kabaddi sukhi raiding
kabaddi mangi gets hime twice but he gets away
kabaddi sonu talwandi raiding
kabaddi 23-30 score
kabaddi sonu's point
kabaddi 31-23
kabaddi sheers jagari raiding
kang punjab kesri all the way
kabaddi sheera nearly gets point but gets pushed to the side and then time expires
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi catched by stopper
kabaddi dhulla stepped out
kabaddi second point he gave up
kabaddi pushed out by kala
kabaddi sukhi gets away from jet
kabaddi jogi raiding
kabaddi jogi vs kinda
kabaddi jogi jukes him and gets away
kabaddi_06 deese videos r top notch get mre bhajiz
kabaddi sukhi just got point of double touch
kabaddi we got more but putting up one at a time each match
kang yo yo yo yoy o thnx for the clips
kabaddi sonu got point of kesar
kabaddi sheera got point of meek
kabaddi no problem
kabaddi sonu touches kinda on head as kinda goes down to go for him
kabaddi sukhi raiding, got point of mangi
kabaddi jogi got caught but got away
kabaddi rom gogi loco
kabaddi_06 is dat mangif rm slough (england)
kabaddi from gogi lopo
kabaddi_06 MANGI FRM*
kabaddi sukhi gets stopped by sukhi
sandhu is that sukhi lakhan ke padde
kabaddi sukhi argues that tunna touched him
kabaddi mangi from england
kabaddi sukhi got stopped by mangi
kabaddi kinda has sonu
kabaddi_06 slugh 1 yh tall lad
kabaddi sonu gets out
kabaddi crowd goes wild
kabaddi yeah mangi is tall
kabaddi aarsh from usa U21 player is in stoping
kabaddi tunna gets sheera
kabaddi okay players
kabaddi bhinder
kabaddi_06 yh mangi frm england omghe is bad trus
amo dhulla got point
amo then sukhi
amo brb having tech problems
amo jogi just got point
amo yeah sandhu
amo he just got point again, suhi
amo kinda vs sonu again
amo about the 5th time they went at it
amo sheera gets away from jet
amo jogi raiding
amo guys am i online? just checking
kandola yea
amo okay
amo jogi's point of hariyani
kandola amo u at the wc rite
kang aaho tu online bayi
sandhu yeah you are amo
amo tunna goes after sukhi
kang keep it up
amo sukhi gets point
kang tunna thapper mari janda hona
amo yeah were at the world cup
amo dhulla raiding
kang top koyi launi nahi
sandhu india got sonu jump?
amo sheera raiding
amo no usa
kang usa man
amo sheeera vs mangi
kang india cant pay high price
amo almost over
kang who's wanna play for ruppes?
sandhu lol yeah thats wahat i meant
kabaddi_06 mangi rokede
amo kesri punjabi is sick (their india as well)
amo sonu raiding
amo sick raid
kang plyrs jus go there to learn the techni....
kabaddi_06 Yh well dere khalsitan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kang kesri punjab is khalistan
amo sonu's point of gogi lopo
kang ey r indocanadian bro
amo lol not khalistan bro
amo over
amo 45-34
amo a beating
END amo brb guys need to sort out kabaddi user name
kang yes kesri stands for khalistan
kang kesri flags high up in the air
kabaddi_06 haha BLANKED BRO hha
kang zhoom it baby zhoom it
kabaddi canada west (loser of first match) vs canada east
kabaddi india players:
kabaddi sandeep (last name above)
kabaddi haryani
kabaddi_06 is dis knockout or gruoup stage?
kabaddi vicky ghanour
kabaddi bhinder
kabaddi khinda
kabaddi kesar
kabaddi gaggi loco
kabaddi sukhi
kabaddi schedule is posted
sandhu nawanpind bhinda
kabaddi losers of first matches play teams with bye's
kabaddi yeah sandhu
kabaddi he stopped raiding
kabaddi_06 SO even if u lose u can go ahead 2 da final and dat
kabaddi canada east players getting introduced
sandhu he's only half fit
kabaddi yeah but if you lose after the first matches then your out
kabaddi winner of this match in semi final
kabaddi i just gave india players bro
kabaddi_06 SO it aint straght knockout is it
kabaddi soni sunath not playing for canada east
sangha07 is tochi playing 4 canada east
kabaddi after the first two matches it's knockout
kabaddi yeah tochi here
kabaddi canada east
kabaddi sandeep lalyian
kabaddi tochi
kabaddi vailey
kabaddi bheera
kabaddi jatinder findi
kabaddi kinda biharipuria
kabaddi kippa sukpur
kabaddi manna (stopper)
sangha07 wot about soni saneth
kang holllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smoke that clip ont hau n sheera is wicked
kang jsu nutz
kang thnx
kabaddi oopkar
kabaddi_06 nxt match
kabaddi_06 ?
kabaddi canada west vs canada east
kabaddi pay attention bro
kabaddi_06 chill out we aint @ skool or summin
kabaddi canada east also has baaz
kabaddi yeah but we dont' have time to repeat stuff
kang go canada west
sangha07 sandhu> joti r u in canada or england
kang but i think eaast will win it cuz west already played
kabaddi_06 do u know wots da game aftr bhaji
sandhu @#$*!ty england mate
sandhu this is well painful doing all this without being there
ambi is mangi playing?
kabaddi yeah semi final but not sure who's playing
kabaddi ive me a minute
kabaddi which mangi the stopper
kabaddi mangi from uk played for usa
kabaddi_06 MANGI PLAYS 4 USA
ambi yeah
kabaddi_06 the slough stopper
ambi mangi frm slough
sangha07 sandhu> yeh joti this propa painful cant belive im behind this stupid screen
kabaddi let u know woh's playing next at half time
kabaddi loser of usa game vs england
kabaddi india vs england next
kabaddi_06 mangi frm SLOUGH IS 4 USA u cansee him in da video
kabaddi sandeep lallyiyan point
kabaddi sandeep does signature jumnp
kabaddi_06 haha shavash
kabaddi lakha just got point
kabaddi vailey raiding
sangha07 amo keep it up ur doing a good job
kabaddi touches hardeep thau and gets point
ambi wheres magis video
kabaddi_06 get a video og him bhaji especially if he gets stopped haha
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi jatinder stopping him
kabaddi has him in lock
kabaddi through him down and got his legs
kabaddi point jatinder
sandhu this is well painful doing all this without being there
kabaddi video of lakha getting stopped?
kabaddi kinda raiding
kabaddi aniket gets him
kabaddi double touch
kabaddi haha you like the usa video?
kabaddi bheera stops canada east raider
kabaddi ooooh
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kabaddi video recording
kabaddi sandeep vs ekam
kabaddi sandeeps point
kang cool
kabaddi_06 yh man laliyan PUTT PANJAB DA
kabaddi lakha raiding, easy point
kabaddi vaikey raiding
kang sare putt punjab de hi a
kabaddi vaileys to quick for canada west
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi going at it with jatinder again, runs past him for point
kabaddi kinda raiding
ambi whus playing?
kabaddi kinda runs by kuljit
kabaddi canada east vs west
kabaddi keepa stopping canada west raider
ambi is reglainwala bhalewan playing
kabaddi raider gets up and gets away but time expires
kabaddi no he's not here
kabaddi sandeep lalyian raiding
kabaddi thau goes for him
kabaddi easily gets away
ambi wat team is he going to play for
kabaddi lakha on raid
kabaddi easy point for lakha
kabaddi who ambi?
kabaddi we don't have time to answer questions, sorry
kabaddi vailey double touch by hardeep thau
ambi relgian wala bhalewa
kang yea man let us hear that comment...
kang nt ask q...
kabaddi bheera vs jagga
kang keep it up kabaddi bro
fraserjat who is leading east or west
kabaddi i said rangian is not here
kang east
kabaddi one minute fraser
kabaddi kinda raiding
kabaddi kinda and kuljit
kang go west go
kabaddi point kinda
kang do or die
kabaddi 6-11
kabaddi east winning
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi jatinder pulls kenchi but gets dropped
kabaddi west is gonna be out
kabaddi they lost to punjab kesri
kabaddi sandeep just got point
kang wa if east lose
kabaddi_06 yh punah K gd though init
kabaddi jagga just got point of manna
ambi coz of googo
kabaddi bailey raiding
kabaddi if east lose there out
kabaddi winner goes to semis
kabaddi bailey point of hardeep thau
kabaddi lakha just got point
kang hardeep thau man do some shyts
kabaddi ekam just stopped kinda
kabaddi sandeep lallyiyan
ambi tell me when its half time
kabaddi_06 STOPPED*
kabaddi obvious point
kabaddi lakha on raid
kabaddi_06 yes laliyan
kabaddi easy point, double touch
kabaddi bailey raiding
ambi come on
kabaddi bailey burns past kuljit
kabaddi jagga from bc raiding
kabaddi sorry boys canda east is getting tossed
kabaddi jaggas point
kabaddi sandeep raiding again
ambi balle
kabaddi ekam and sandeep
kabaddi sandeep speeds by him
kabaddi waiving his hands
kabaddi_06 sandeep aaja aaaja
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi_06 shavash mondia
ambi chuk dey fatey boyz
kabaddi guys throws upside down kenchi
kabaddi keepa went for sandeep
kabaddi bailey cuahgt
kabaddi baliey got stopped by hardeep thau
kabaddi bailey looks hurt
ambi Kooner> kidah?
kabaddi lakha gets by bheera
ambi kabaddi who r u?
kabaddi sandeep raiding
ambi r u joti
kabaddi sandep gets caught by legs but gets straight up
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi wow
kabaddi_06 shavash
kabaddi jagga gets grabbed by a dive
kabaddi gets away
kabaddi stopper was bheera
kabaddi football tackle dive
kabaddi kinda raiding
kabaddi ekam throws kenchi
kabaddi kinda trying to get away
kabaddi time expires
kabaddi second time kinda got stopped by same guy
kabaddi lakha raiding his team losing
kabaddi lakhas point
fraserjat do it EKAM
kabaddi 19-17
kabaddi sandeeps poing
kabaddi canada west closing in on the points
kabaddi went from down 6 to down 3
kabaddi baaj gets jagga
kabaddi jagga is having a horrible day
kabaddi 19-19
kabaddi_06 like alwayz jkn
kabaddi think the score keeper is messing up
kabaddi sandeeps point
kabaddi_06 DANDEEP DO DO SAAH MAN SUM1 telll him lol
ambi can ju tell me wat team bhalewan is playing 4?
kabaddi_06 SANDEEP*
kabaddi ambi listen
ambi say to him dat ambi said kiddah if u see him safe
kabaddi he's not here
ambi tell me when itz half time
kabaddi 20-20
kabaddi half time
kabaddi i will ambi
kabaddi_06 so disi a tight match ay
kabaddi nah we think the score keeper messed up lol
kabaddi but it's a good match
kabaddi_06 dis is*
kabaddi_06 o has he desi banda honna lol
kabaddi oopkar got point of hardeep thau
kabaddi double touch on lakha by bheera
kabaddi baaj gets jagga but he gets away
kabaddi_06 theek
kabaddi lakha just got pint
kabaddi andeep caught
kabaddi ekam has sandeep
kabaddi we got it on tape
kabaddi he threw him over
kabaddi etting out
kabaddi he's out
kabaddi time????
kabaddi sandeeps point
kabaddi crowd goes wild
Kooner sandhu> i am back for a short while yaar
kabaddi we got it on tape baby
kabaddi_06 phew
kabaddi lakha vs beera
kabaddi_06 gdgd get moment slike dat on tape bhaji haha lol fnkz
kabaddi oopkar raiding
kabaddi kuljit vs oopkar
kabaddi fight to the line
kabaddi oopkars point
sandhu ok yaar
kabaddi half time
half time kabaddi close match
sandhu was it 20-20 at half time
punjabi too bad you guys don't have a web cam
kabaddi no it's half time now
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi chavi- pachi
kabaddi one point difference
kang oye chakdio
kang go west go
punjabi for who
kang est or west punjab kesri is the best
kang they r like the dream team
sandhu ht score amo
punjabi can anybody recap the events of the day for me bros
kabaddi_06 u aint seen england yet
Kooner Even tho I should be supportin England Punjab Khesri all the way!
punjabi hats off to kabaddi.org for the chat
kabaddi_06 basically punjab kesri has RAIDERS:
kabaddi_06 kaka andd at googo kooner in stop line which makes dem very very strong
kabaddi_06 YEP HATTS OFF BOXERS OFF MAN brilliant wurk frm kabaddi.org
kabaddi_06 TKN IT 2 ANOTHR LEVEL
ambi balle u shuld gt paid 4 dis
ambi top class
punjabi any real surprises so far
kabaddi yeah usa spanked india
kabaddi_06 YES!!!
kang $100 for u kabaddi
punjabi are you guys coming to the vancover cup
kabaddi meek stopped pinder twice
kang yea man
kabaddi nah but we have reps in vancouver
ambi whos playing in the uk team
sandhu HT SCORE AMO??!!!
kabaddi we'll have video and pics later in vancouver
kabaddi_06 UK TEAM
ambi balle
kabaddi uk hasn't played yet
ambi any1 else
kabaddi lakhas point
kabaddi_06 JOGI KULJEETA GURU DA LAL GURLAL ganour and meny mre
kabaddi video up OMG MUST SEE
ambi when are they playing
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kabaddi they play india
kabaddi_06 dere da team announced dnt know if deyill play dat team
kabaddi should be a royal beating
kabaddi jagga just got point we missed it because we were watching sandeep clip
sandhu HT SCORE AMO??!!!
kabaddi point for oopkar
kabaddi one minute
kabaddi lakha raiding bheera goes for him
kabaddi lakhas point
kabaddi damn score keeper left
kabaddi he's on the other side now
sandhu lol
punjabi who else is raiding for west
kabaddi i think he caught on that we know he's cheating
kang lol
kabaddi sandep just got point
sandhu team sheets are on the forum
kabaddi_06 DAT SUNDEEP CLIP IS BAADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kabaddi jagga raiding vs neeka
sangha07 wot a clip!!!!! sandeep on fire!
kabaddi neki
kang holyyyyyyyyyyy chaklooooooooooooooo
kabaddi lakha raiding
kang thats a clip to bet on
kang make u jump off ur manja
kabaddi double click on lakha
kabaddi_06 dat clip is jus BRILLIANT
kabaddi_06 da atmosphere looks bad aswell wish i was dere
kabaddi that clip was taken by sunnydhillon
kabaddi give him props
kang khuti pa dhiti bayi
kabaddi_06 manja haha
kang thnx sunnydhillon
kabaddi sandeps point of aniket
kabaddi_06 big up 2 sunny dhillon vai
kabaddi lakha vs bheera
kabaddi lakha pushes him and he slips and falls down
kabaddi hardep thau and oopkar struggling
kabaddi oopkar gets point just in time
punjabi lakha by far the best raider alive
kabaddi sandep just got another point
kabaddi jagga before that
kabaddi sorry were discussing the scores lol
kabaddi it was a 5 point lead and west gets a few stops and all of a sudden it's a tie WTH???
kabaddi lakha just got point but isn't walking straight
punjabi is gurjit playing for england
kabaddi sandeeps point again
kabaddi_06 00105 yh yh
kabaddi lakha double raiding
kabaddi easy point
punjabi lakha is the @#$*!
kabaddi sandeep vs kujit
kabaddi going at it
kabaddi wow
kabaddi kinda goes down
kabaddi lakha got stopped once in first match
punjabi its baljit not kuljit
kabaddi kinda got stoped by kuljit
kang damn lakha kalla raida payi janda mundio
kabaddi sandeep point again
kabaddi_06 lol
kabaddi sorry guys kooner won't stop messaging on msn lol
kabaddi_06 i want east 2 win man
kabaddi jagga raided and then lakha again
kang west baby west
kabaddi sandeep vs aniket
punjabi west all the way
sandhu yes gurjits for england
kabaddi jagga gets away from mana
Kooner sandhu> CANADA WEST Team names yaar?
fraserjat YA BALJIT and EKAM PLAY for our team FRASER VALLEY
kabaddi oopkar raiding
kabaddi ekam pushed oopkar out
kabaddi_06 rather dan askin da busy peeple ju go 2 da forum
kabaddi nice
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi_06 wot appened nice?
kabaddi baileys not raiding, he's hurt
kabaddi lakha's pint
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang west
kabaddi sandeeps point
kabaddi lakha doing like tripple raids
kabaddi or im just missing this stuff
kabaddi_06 FONT COLOR="#000000">lol
kabaddi lakha point of mana
kabaddi oopkar on raid
Kooner Summary so far: http://www.kabaddi.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1098&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
kabaddi lakhas tired
kabaddi huffing and puffing
kabaddi_06 gdgd
kang lakha doin all the raids
kabaddi double touch but carried on and ookar getgs point
kabaddi jagga vs bheera
kabaddi bheera had grip on him but he gets away
kabaddi bheera falls down
kabaddi second time he slipped
kabaddi_06 haha
kabaddi sandeep goes all the way to the line against thau
kabaddi sandeeps point
kabaddi double touch on lakha
kabaddi_06 COME ON SUNDEEE
kabaddi oopkar raiding again
kang thau beatin sandeep handia tak
ambi bhinder nawaypindyas playing
kabaddi bailey and kinda look like there done
kang oye chukloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
ambi sal
ambi sangha07> kiddah
kabaddi lakhas point but i missed it
fraserjat I Think EKAM has done his job
kabaddi fighting over point
kabaddi lakha got pushed out
kabaddi fraser u watching it on telly?
kang shyt sandeep puchin the reffree
kabaddi sandep on raid
ambi yer
Kooner NO WAY!!!!
ambi wat?
kabaddi aniket stepped out, sandeeps point
kabaddi jagga raiding
kabaddi battling with keepa
kabaddi jaggas point at the line
ambi balle
Kooner was that caught on video the punchin
kabaddi oopkar raiding
fraserjat NO JUST GETTIN SOME info on phone
kabaddi lakhas shorts full of sweat
kabaddi nice
ambi charry jawani akh mastani
kabaddi oopkar caught
kabaddi kuljit stopped oopkar from behind
kang oh thoak ta buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang east outtttttttttt
kabaddi lakha amlost got cuaght by neki
ambi balle
punjabi ekam sucks fraser
kabaddi game over
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang semifinal buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang go west gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ambi brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
punjabi west won all the way lakha and the boys
ambi balle punjab keshri
kabaddi nah man
kabaddi pentalee
ambi is jazzy b dere
kabaddi east untalee to pentalee
kabaddi 45-41
kabaddi vancouver
kabaddi what the hell
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah west side
kang yoyoy oy
kabaddi i dunno about that
kabaddi that's unbelievable
kang holly smoke pappu choorchakkia patta te hath mari janda
kang kundia de sing ffas ge
punjabi whats the final score
kabaddi damn england chances are good now
kang we dont need jazzy b ere man
kang let us play kabddi
kabaddi announcing
kabaddi bhaat
kabaddi jeeta maur
kabaddi pappu
kang why we need jazzy b ere for
kabaddi sandeep
Kooner only real soorma required today!
kabaddi jas
kabaddi sandeep sukpur
sandhu yes gurjits for england
kabaddi gujit
kabaddi gurlal
kang we have great plyrs to watch
kabaddi kuljeet
kang respect them bro
kabaddi seeta
kabaddi shaukat ali
Kooner fair play to seeta
Kooner Shaukat!!!!
sandhu yes gurjits for england
kabaddi shukat isn't that good
Kooner i know
sandhu what was final score in that lst one i lost my connectin
fraserjat IS the final score 45-39 for west
kang 45-41
kabaddi first match, i lost mine to i thouggt u guys were saving this
kabaddi well get the score later
ambi is shaukat frm slough dere?
kang west baby west
kabaddi oh last one 45-41 yeah
sandhu canada west one?
ambi is shaukat derE?
kabaddi_06 i hve 2 go temple ill b prayn 4 englnd come on england b k soon hopefully
kang yo can u guys catch lakha doin interview
kabaddi lol nice
kang e is on
ambi okies#
Kooner ha ha ha
kang he is on
ambi shaukat is he dere?
kabaddi match starting
kabaddi grujit raiding
Kooner Sing Fasge Kundia Dey -mithra beja kaudi pa ke!
kabaddi double touch on gurjit
ambi is shaukat frm slough dere
kabaddi makhan singh commentating
kabaddi sukhi raiding
amo did sandeep get any stops
kabaddi kuljit raiding
kabaddi getting stopped
kabaddi common
kabaddi with hariyani
kabaddi pinder vs pappa
kabaddi battle
kabaddi time ran out
kabaddi point pappa
kabaddi wow
kabaddi gurlal raiding
kabaddi gets point of sandeep
amo which pind?
kabaddi bicky point of seeta
kabaddi u21 player
sandhu pappua already got 1 stop
kabaddi sandeep gets pushed by kinda but gets up and gets away
kabaddi sandeep sukhpur
ambi is shaukat dere?
kabaddi babbu raiding
kabaddi vs pappa
kang surrey b.c.
kabaddi babbu gets away from pappu
kabaddi gurjit raiding
kabaddi gurjit point of sandeep again
kabaddi sukhi raiding
kabaddi bhat has him
kabaddi got him from the arms
kabaddi ms
kang jalandhar sandeep lallia de pind ad
kabaddi sukhi gets out ahnd gets point
kang da oh vi kang hi a
kabaddi kuljeet vs kinda
kabaddi point juljeet
kabaddi pinder raiding
kabaddi sandeep ambian goes for pinder
kabaddi gurlal raiding
kabaddi gets away from gogi lopo
amo my names sonu kang, im jus usin amo;s id
ambi oi is shaukat dere
kabaddi papa vs bicky
kabaddi pappu has him
amo wats ur name by the way dude
kang cool bro
kabaddi he's raping him
kabaddi pint pappu
kang kang gang is up
kang im playin next yr
kang m a stopper
amo haha
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kabaddi s sandeep
kabaddi slaps
kabaddi both go down
kabaddi sandeep has sandeep, he's trying to carry him
kabaddi lose to the line
kabaddi 4 feet away
kabaddi stretch and point
kabaddi sukhpur vs gurdaspur
kang england goin to win it easily
kabaddi babbu gets double touch
kabaddi yeah should kill them
kabaddi gurjit easy point
kabaddi makhan giving him mad props
kang how come laddu is not ere
kabaddi sandeep vs sukhi
kabaddi no laddu
kang he is a big name bak in england
kabaddi only 10 players allowed
kabaddi kuljit raiding
kabaddi kinda goes for putti kenchi but kuljit easily avoids it
kabaddi pinder raiding
kabaddi sandepe gets pinder
kabaddi pinder tosses him
kabaddi englands point
kabaddi gurlal with easy point
kabaddi bikcy raiding vs bhatt
kabaddi slaps
kabaddi damn he slaps and throws down
kang go kabaddi go
kabaddi bhatt has him, but bicky dragging
kabaddi point bhatt
kabaddi video clip going up at half time
kabaddi sandep raiding
kabaddi sandeep vs sandeep again
kabaddi easy point for sandeep
kang keep it up bro
kang im enjoyin it
kabaddi pappu pushed babbu out
kabaddi gurjit raiding
kabaddi inda goes straight for him and nearly gets his knees
kabaddi gurjit easiloy gets away
kabaddi *kinda
kabaddi sukhi raiding
kabaddi bhattt pulls trick and jeeta morh goes
kabaddi gets him in kenchi
kabaddi crazy
kabaddi we got it on tape
kabaddi sukhi stopped by jeeta
kang wooohooo thats team work i like it
kabaddi UK kabaddi at it's best
kabaddi kuljeet raiding
kabaddi u want jeeta or bhat stop at half time
kang jeeta
kabaddi pinders point
Kooner Baba Mohr will be doing bhangra - what u saying Sangha!!!
kabaddi gurjits raid
kabaddi kinda going for everyone
kabaddi got gurlal gurlal gets out gets him again and he's out again for the point
kang chaklo
kabaddi pappu pushed bicky out
kabaddi 3rd stop agaist same plyer i think
kang gurlaal is a big grizzly bear
kang he is the great khali
sandhu pappu's got 3 stops already
kabaddi sandeep point gogi lopo
kabaddi bhat vs babbu
kang wow thats the real choorchakkia
kabaddi babbu's point
kabaddi point gurjit
kang i'll call dara so we can sign him to play for azaad club
kabaddi hahha
kabaddi sheera's playing for india
Kooner PAPPU Is crem de la creme!
kabaddi kuljieet raiding
kang easy game man
kabaddi kuljeet vs sandeep
kang india need there fiddu back
kabaddi sandeep almost stops him but not good enough
Kooner pappu is staying in England u canadians already taken enough of our players
kabaddi sukhi vs sandeep ambian
kabaddi gurlal on raid
kang indocanadian baby not canadian
kabaddi point gurlal of gogi lopo
kabaddi pinder raiding
kang this is fun
kang dream team for england
kabaddi double touch by jeeta
kang i hope they do it this yr
kabaddi india stoppers touch line agtainst sandeep
kabaddi jeeta maur
kabaddi sick
kabaddi has babbu in kenchi
kang but they gotta go through khalistan(kesri punjab) in semifinal
kabaddi jeeta is hurt
kabaddi laying on his back
kabaddi jeeta got point on babbu
kabaddi gurjit grabbed ankly by kinda
kang is he okay?
kabaddi gurjit gets away
kabaddi he's oout on the side
kabaddi his sholder might be dislocated
kabaddi sheera raiding
kabaddi bhatt goes for him but he gets away
kang slute to him(jeeetas) at this age still rockin the young guns
kabaddi kuljeet raiding
kabaddi kuljeets point
kang one thing is sure that englandiey play rough kabddi
kabaddi sukhi raiding
kabaddi sukhi's pint
kabaddi gurlal on raid
kabaddi gurlal says double touch
kabaddi but stoppers get the point
kabaddi kala stopped gurlal
kang wooohooo
kabaddi pinder got point of jas (young player)
kabaddi double touch on sandeep
kabaddi babbu raiding
fraserjat no i think u r
kang sada kala hai dildaar ni goria nu daffa karo
kabaddi paapu vs babbu
kabaddi point babbu
kabaddi guys stop messing about or we'll kick you out
kabaddi gurjit point of kinda again
kabaddi shere raiding
kabaddi shere point of jas
Westcoast whos in the semifinals
kabaddi kuljeet raiding
kang so far england is the top bet
kabaddi canada west so far
kang canada west n usa
punjabi as long as lakha is healthy west al the way
Westcoast what bout punjabi khesri
kabaddi punjabi kesri is untouchable
punjabi too bad ali and manga are injured for the west
kang not only lakha we need all west canada team stands healthy
Westcoast are they in the semis
kabaddi brb
kang its not abt one playa
punjabi but lakha by himself can take on the world
kang oh yea punjab kesri, west canada and usa in semifinal
Westcoast how did ekam play?
kang england is the next team
punjabi ekam rocked it
kabaddi ekam is sick
kabaddi 18-32
kabaddi half time score
kang FONT COLOR="#000000">he played well againts east canada
kang balle valetio bas karo yaar tusi ta india valia dia haddia hi tod dhitia
Westcoast hes 18 he comes over and stays with us when he has a tourney in bc
kang cool man
Westcoast in the fraservalley like surrey and van and abby
kang okay buddy cool down
kabaddi no way only 18
Westcoast yea
kabaddi he was playing crappy at first going for two many attempts
kabaddi but then he ripped it
punjabi ye he is only 18
Westcoast no joke
kang wow 18-32
kang count england in semifinal
Westcoast so its gonna be canada west vs Usa
Westcoast in one semi
Westcoast and the other one is
kang yes we can make it to the final now
kabaddi gurjits point
kang go west go
kabaddi sandep vs pinder
kabaddi ight by the line
kabaddi omg
kabaddi pinder was 1 foot away but couldn't get the point
kang like it bro like it
kabaddi kuljeet raiding
kabaddi against sandeep
punjabi are u guys doing the same hing in vancouver
kabaddi pint kuljeet
kang i ve seen sandeep doin this bak in kapurthala
kabaddi doing what? chat
kabaddi vancouver is outdoor isn't it
punjabi yeah
kabaddi bicky did sick dodge on butt
punjabi yeah it is
kabaddi gurlal on raid
Westcoast is it gonna be the same teams
kang stoppin the raider right on stop line
kabaddi gogi steps out of bounds
Westcoast in vancouver
Westcoast or burnaby
kabaddi babbu raiding
kabaddi babbu point of jas
punjabi the way it should be outsede
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kang yo westcoast bro
kabaddi sandeep gets away from haryina
kang check out this video ekam vs. sandeep
kang go to video n enjoy
kabaddi shere point of sandeep
kabaddi shaukat raiding
kabaddi this will be a stop
kabaddi kuljit has him
Kooner http://www.kabaddi.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1098
Westcoast yea man i saw
kabaddi point for india
kabaddi what did i say???
Westcoast its nuts
kabaddi sorry haryiani got the stop not kuljit
Kooner any different please name!
kabaddi sukhi gets away from sandeep ambian hold
kabaddi for which team
kabaddi how many players do you have
kabaddi each team has 10 players
kabaddi gurjit just got point
sandhu need to add shaukat and jassa khera stoppper
kabaddi bickey point of seeta
kang nangal ambia is one of the best stopper in the world
kang he shud be in superstar
kabaddi yeah he's good
kabaddi kuljeet raiding
sandhu sandeep nangal is way overated
kabaddi double touch on kuljeet by kala and hariyana
Westcoast whos Shera Jagari ?
kabaddi bubbu point of double touch
kang i think its shera jargari
kabaddi kinda goes for gurlal, gurlal point
kabaddi shere raiding
Westcoast is it the babbu who plays for calgary
kabaddi dunno
kabaddi he's tall, kinda of balding
kabaddi double touch on shere
kang dunno bro
Kooner sandeep nangal is way overated - TOTALLY AGREE!!!
sandhu yes it is calargy babbu
kang down n enjoy the live comm..
fraserjat PUNJABI u asked me a silly question R U physically sick or mentally??
punjabi i don't
punjabi what u mean
kabaddi sorry guys missed the last few raids
kang plz dont fight man
kabaddi was looking for jeeta stop
kang go play kabddi n slap each otha if u pplz really wanna fight
kabaddi no stops for the last few raids
kang dont messed up our live program
kabaddi kuljeet getspiont of gogi
punjabi can't u guys hook up a web cam
kabaddi shere vs jas
kabaddi jas young stopper gets point
kabaddi got one but can't broadcast to everyone
kang nice
kabaddi gurlal vs hariyana, gurlal pushes him away
punjabi maybe next year
kang gurlal is saaaanh jatt
kabaddi india raider got point
punjabi this site rocks
kabaddi sandeep got point
kabaddi babbu raiding
kabaddi jeeta more clip online
kang thnx
kabaddi bhatt stopped babbu
kang ur the best
kabaddi pushed him out of bands
kabaddi double touch on gurjit
kabaddi shera raiding
kabaddi sandeep goes for him
kabaddi sorry seeta
kabaddi close one to the line but sheera gets point
kang its gettin biggie
kabaddi shaukat raiding
kabaddi gogi lopo fighting with him
sandhu yes it is calargy babbu
kabaddi shauaut throws gogi out of bounds across the line
kabaddi jas has bicky
kabaddi another stop for the 22 year old
kang sick vdio
kabaddi kuljeet vs kesar
kang thnx
kabaddi video by sunnydhillon
kabaddi jas goes again
kabaddi for babbu
kang stadium is packed
kabaddi babbu gets away
kabaddi jas is a quick wrestler style player
kabaddi sandeep raiding
fraserjat JUST FORGET IT PUNJABI and respect this site
kabaddi easy point
kabaddi 49-32
kang housefull
kabaddi shere raiding
kabaddi bhat goes for him
kabaddi shere proves he's to fast for bhatt
kabaddi shaukat raiding
kabaddi kaser gets him but he gets away
kang bhat n sikander r same in techni....
kabaddi aight guys time for a break
kabaddi think there gonna have wrestling now
Kooner Did someone say Manga Mittapuriya and Ali Sandhu are also here? Canada West?
kang they shud
sandhu jassa is a proper wrestling he's won medals etc in wrestling
kabaddi will put up bhat clip now
Westcoast theyre injured
kabaddi nice
kang i think ali may play in semifinal or final
sandhu final score was 49-32?
fraserjat ALI is SLIGHTLY hurt
Kooner is Manga playing
kang woooohooo
punjabi he will play in vancouver
kabaddi no manga
Westcoast what happened to his face
Westcoast did he fall or something
kabaddi no one sec
punjabi manga is done for the year
kang kesri punjab(khalistan) vs. england in semifinal
sandhu AMO FINAL SCORE 49-32?
punjabi he got into a car acident
Westcoast oh
punjabi ali did
fraserjat GOOD chance for WEST against USA
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang we'll rule it bro
punjabi ali was shake up but he play again this year
kang hardeep thau will turn the screw vs. sonu jump
punjabi so what are the ties for the semis
sandhu SCORE PLS
punjabi semi match ups plz
kang azaad rulin it this yr
kang 4 outta 5 tournie in their hand
fraserjat I hope EKAM , BALJIT & TAU play good in semis
Kooner PUNJABI U sound very much like Azaadi!!!
kang yea he is bit cocky
Kooner I can see all the private msgs so cut it out!
kabadd bhatt crazy slaps and throw down clip now online
Westcoast cuz they play for fraser valley
kabaddi guys were on break and im watching our stuff, i can't leave and find out the score
fraserjat CAUSE they are future of FRASER VALLEY wait & see
Westcoast not if they dont sign with them
punjabi they are signed for the next few years
Westcoast lol my bad
fraserjat FOR NEXT 4 YEARS
sandhu ekam and baljit are same academy players they all tend to stick with each other
punjabi Fraser Valley U16 team has some real promising talent that will hine in the near future
kabaddi 52-39 final score
kabaddi usa vs kesri punjab and canada west vs england in semis
kang wow
kang damn
punjabi hats off to the president of Fraser Valley Ramandeep Jhajj
sandhu ekam and baljit are same academy players they all tend to stick with each other
punjab i was hoping the west would play usa
sandhu cheers amo
kang go west go
kabaddi punjabi u want them to lose?
punjabi they have better chance against the us england is stacked
punjabi lakha all the way
Westcoast is sheera hathur playin in the world cup??
kabaddi sheera hathur???
kabaddi you guys want video of wrestling?
kabaddi or commentary lol jk
punjabi and our boys ekam and baljit all the way
Westcoast yea is he playin in the woruld cup?
punjabi who is wrestling
fraserjat ITs going to be the best match
sandhu england v kesri punjab in the final
kabaddi arjun bullar from vancouver and i dunno who else
kabaddi supposed to be some jr and inter university from india but not sure if he came
kabaddi no usa vs kesri punjab
kabaddi lol oh i misread you
Westcoast so what are the semifinal matches??
Westcoast USA and Khesri Punjab??
kabaddi scroll up
kabaddi yeah
kabaddi england vs canada west
kabaddi anyone seen the bhat clip?
kabaddi the other guy is ripped
kang LOL
kabaddi i'll record it
sandhu can't you upload as wmv i got probs opening these mov files
kabaddi brb
Westcoast fraserjat> do you know if sheera hathur playin in world cup
Westcoast jus download quicktime
Westcoast it takes like 2 seconds
kang less than 2 yo
fraserjat I am not sure , i heard he was going to play for INDIA
Westcoast thanks neways
Westcoast who are you fraserjat??
Kooner SUMMARY: http://www.kabaddi.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1098&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
fraserjat I am one of the organisers of FRASER VALLEY KABADDI CLUB
kabaddi sandhu i have to convert them
kabaddi we'll convert them later and put them up in wmv
sandhu can't you upload as wmv i got probs opening these mov files
Kooner we had this discussion b4
Kooner lol
Kooner no worries we can convert later
kang kesri punjab vs. usa is upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Kooner come on GOGGO!!!
Kooner Now that Jeeti is not playing from Rurkee Goggo is our only reprasentative!
kang goggo is supercharged
kabaddi nah makhan brar is up
kabaddi guys anyone wanna see wrestling clip?
Kooner is Bhinda Mathada commentating
kabaddi they have 6 commentators
kabaddi i don't know im death and blind
kabaddi i have to keep asking everyone who's that
kabaddi should be about 5-10 minutes
kang if arjun bhullar is that good why dont he go n wrestle in sand bak in india
kabaddi just got back from the locker room
kabaddi arjun won but he had a bit of weight advantage
kang he is like one of the top super wrestler in canada i think they shud make him wrestle parminder doomsheri
kang oye fraser jatt can i come man if its in surrey
kabaddi players coming out on the field
fraserjat ITS in abbotsford Sorry KANG
kang oh ic
Kooner you dudes anyone recording any of this from ATN
fraserjat IT is coming on alpha punjabi ask one of ur friends in surrey
Kooner not in Canada
Kooner i mean i am not in Canada
sandhu can't you upload as wmv i got probs opening these mov files
kabaddi right now? don't have time
kabaddi which one u want, i'll convert it?
kabaddi first raid
kabaddi kaka
kabaddi touches tunna for point
kabaddi dhulla up
kang its on burrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi double touch
kabaddi by gogo
kabaddi here comes shera bopari
kabaddi quick go for mangi
kabaddi jogi raiding
kabaddi crowd screams everytime he raids
kabaddi double touch again
kabaddi here comes labhi
kabaddi he touches manga
kabaddi fight to the line but labhi makes it inside
kabaddi keepa
kabaddi keepa raided and got the point
sandhu who is this jogi , short built bloke?
kabaddi tirath stops sheera?
kabaddi sheera number 2
kabaddi don't know where he came from
kabaddi double touch on sonu jump
kabaddi kaka raiding
kang i think he is from ludhiana
kabaddi will find out in a minute
kabaddi dulla raiding
kang cool
kabaddi dhulla gets by makhan
kang also we wanna c goggo kooner's video clip
kabaddi mangi goes for shera boparai
kabaddi he gets him he gets away mangi steps out
kabaddi jogi vs sikander
kabaddi he slaps his thai and puts it up everytime
kabaddi guys new guy for usa is shera hathu
kabaddi labhi got point of tunna
kang catch him on video
kabaddi keepa raiding
kang labhi too good
kang havent heard meek's name yet
kabaddi makhan got keepa grip but he got away
kabaddi labhi gets point again
kabaddi sonu raiding
kabaddi he hasn't made any attempts yet
kabaddi makhan and sonu
sandhu added shira hathour to the teamsheet
kabaddi sonu's joora comes lose
kang damn its goin to be very tight game
kabaddi sonu gets oint
kabaddi mangi goes for kaka
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi sikander gets him but he gets away
kabaddi sheera boparai up
kabaddi double touch by tunna again
kang holly smoke sonu jump made $800 on that last raid
kabaddi damroo went for jogi, jogi got point
kabaddi dambroo
kabaddi meek gets labhi
kabaddi gets him good
kabaddi picks up legs and drops him
kabaddi should be usa point
kang can u catch jogi on cam
kabaddi meeks point
kabaddi yeah i think we have clips
sandhu kang you watching on tv
kabaddi double touch on keepa
kang yea
kabaddi keepa badawalia
Kooner looks like USA are winning
kang but its more fun when u talk with others pplz
kabaddi shera hatur gets point of tirath
kabaddi yeah
kang heat it up kesri go khalistan goo
kabaddi dhulla's point stoppers stepped out (bittu)
kabaddi kaka vs mangi
kabaddi kaka's to quick
kabaddi jogi up
kabaddi gogo goes for him
kabaddi one on one now
kabaddi gogo lets him slip away
kabaddi 15-11 usa
kabaddi tunna vs shera
kabaddi slaps
Kooner Aak pata lagna jena putha ne maa da duhd pit ya!
kabaddi close push but he stays in
kabaddi keepa raiding
kabaddi sadawalia not badawalia as announced earlier
kabaddi 16-12 usa
kabaddi shera hathur point of mangi
Kooner Waheguru - Baba Mala Rurkeewala, Kooner nu baksh la aaj!
kabaddi sonu jump point of makhan
kabaddi kaka raiding vs tunna
kabaddi tunna is not doing much today
kabaddi going for quick grabs but getting anything
kabaddi here goes dhulla
kabaddi 4 point lead
kabaddi sikander vs dhulla
kabaddi quick struggle and then dulla smokes him
kabaddi shera boparai raiding
kabaddi shera touches mangi and tirath gets his legs (double touch)
kabaddi jogi's point
sandhu kang you watching on tv
Kooner come on KP!!!
kabaddi meek goes for shera hathur and chases him to the line
kang aaaho yaar
kang tenu dassia ta hai pehla
kabaddi keepa vs ghabna???
kabaddi another point for kaka vs mangi
kang dekho kera chuk da ajj da cup
kabaddi uploading those same video's in mpeg format. bigger file sizes but we felt sorry for you sandhu
sandhu sorry yaar i fresh the page and it reposts my last post
kabaddi another point for dhulla
kabaddi yaar type the refresh command for faster refresh
kabaddi meek goes for kenchi on shera boparai
kabaddi refresh and 3 for 3 second refresh (with no space before refresh
kabaddi point for jogi - such a show boat
kabaddi tirath has shera hathur
kabaddi common point
kabaddi keepa going for raid
kabaddi score update in a sec
kabaddi keepa gets caught
kabaddi khanna stops keepa
kabaddi kaka gets raid
sandhu well done kesri
kabaddi 22-20 usa
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi dhulla gets point of khanna
kabaddi shera boparia raiding
sandhu well done kesri
kabaddi in black and white shorts like sandeep kang always used to wear
kabaddi puma
kabaddi point of mangi
kabaddi sonu jump raiding
Kooner Dulla looks really good today
kabaddi makhan goes for him
kabaddi sonu's to quick
kabaddi yeah but he got stopped twice it hink
kabaddi one was a double touch
Kooner is it HT time yet
kabaddi shera hathur touches mangi and gets away
kabaddi nope
kang dhulla is at his best
kabaddi mangi might have been paid of in this match
kabaddi he has about 20 attempts and no stops i think
kabaddi jogi raiding
kabaddi jogi vs khanna, jogi outruns him
kabaddi 25-22 usa winning kesri's raid
kabaddi kala gets poing
kabaddi half time
kabaddi 35-23 usa
kang lol jogi is too good
Kooner did USA not pay off last year as well
kabaddi 25-23
kang damn man this house is packed with kabaddi lovers
Kooner amazing
kabaddi yeah but there should be more
Kooner Ontario Kabaddi should move to UK
kabaddi will talk some smack to all the so called kabaddi fanatics
kabaddi bhinna not khanna
kabaddi ontario fed is the best
kabaddi111 sup guys whats going on hows USA doing?
kang kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi
kabaddi watch the friday night vids, they do so much for the game
kabaddi players
kabaddi 25-23 at half time
kabaddi semi final
kabaddi they beat india in first match
Kooner TO WHO
kabaddi111 do you know who was there starting line up?
kabaddi usa i said it 3 times
Kooner http://www.kabaddi.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1098
kabaddi you'll have to wait
Kooner lol
Kooner i know KP can turn things around
kang oye ehnu bochlo ehnu roklo ehde kan te godh thokdo
Kooner someone offer them $1000 each
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi dhulla vs bitta
kabaddi bittu has patch on his shoulder
kabaddi had it all day
kabaddi kaka got point
kabaddi jogi got point
kabaddi sorry uploading dhulla clip
kang dhulla shud be in superstar page
kabaddi111 any of the young guys from usa play yet like arshi or jonny or jet
sandhu hows Jet playing
kang damn this jogi doin his black magic
kabaddi shere boparai with quick point
kabaddi aarshi played but not junni or sunny
kabaddi keepa raiding
kabaddi111 arshi try to stop anyone?
kabaddi point of goggo
kabaddi no stops for aarshi
kabaddi no attempts
kabaddi meeka has kaka
Kooner balla balle!!! buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
kang no stop for gogo in this one
kang we r still down
kang go kesri go
Kooner come on Goggo... need to do better
Kooner couple more stops
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
amo meeka got kaka but he got away
amo had some lagg
amo sonu jump got point
amo shera boparai got point, caught up now
kang sonu is too good
amo shera hathur raiding
amo sorry it's dhulla
amo lost track of sides lol
sandhu hows Jet playing
amo double touch
amo jet played a bit but no stops
amo not playing in this match
amo he's warming up ready to come in
kabaddi111 amo wuts up how many stops has tirth got?
amo shera b vs tunna
amo shera races past tunna and falls but gets the point
amo a lot
amo tirath is tearing it up
amo jogi raiding
Kooner classic battles between those 2 over the years
amo fns going crazy
amo touches bittu and gets away
amo dhulla clip from first half online
amo kaka and meeka
amo meeka goes down but kaka not easily fooled
amo keepa raiding
kabaddi keepa raiding
Kooner kAKA too good!
kabaddi point keepa
Kooner one more stop KP!!!
kabaddi shera boparai raiding
kabaddi mange goes for kenchi but no luck
kabaddi sonu jump up now
kabaddi gogo looks determined
Kooner come on kooner
kang oye chakdeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kooner the silence
kabaddi sonu went for gogo but bhina goes after him
Kooner what happen
sandhu got stopped?
Kooner come on lads
kang oh teri iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
kang chukloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Kooner what
Kooner KP get the stop
kabaddi111 ??????
sandhu he stopped him
kang no
Kooner kang or kabaddi tell us!
kang who do u guys wanna c in final?
sandhu he stopped him
Kooner @#$*!
kabaddi111 ???????
kang no
sandhu kesri v england
kabaddi111 USA lost?
kang comonnnnnnnnnn man west canada vs. usa
Kooner ki hogya
punjabi hey guys who won the wrestling match
fraserjat USA vs CANADA WEST in the finals
Kooner lol
kabaddi111 hey amo come on bro give me the update about the USA boys?
Kooner who won this match
sandhu amo whats happening?
punjabi what's going on
fraserjat NEXT semi is ENGLAND vs CANADA WEST
Kooner Amo is coming back
punjabi who won this one
Kooner give him 1min he says
kabaddi lost connection but got raids
kabaddi lost connection, went down
Kooner still dont tell me who won!
kabaddi will paste later
kabaddi dhulla point of double touch
Kooner cool
kabaddi kaka gets away from mangi
kabaddi score 41-38 USA
kabaddi keepa raids he says he touched they say no
Kooner oh man
kabaddi111 USA baby
kabaddi he goes back and gets away
kang d/c
Kooner USA will win now
punjabi who won the wrestng match
kabaddi still going on
kabaddi pay attention
kabaddi 41-38
kabaddi jogi raiding
kabaddi crowd going crazy
kang nutsssssssssssssssssssss
kabaddi sikander goes for him
kang i love it
kabaddi one on one
kabaddi sikander pushes jogi out
kabaddi 42-40
kang more like a war
kabaddi quick point for kaka
Kooner come on KP
kabaddi double touch on dhulla
kabaddi kaka doing double raids
kabaddi tunna goes
kabaddi double touch
kang he have to
kabaddi dhulla raiding (double raid)
punjabi what happened to sheera
kabaddi sikander goes for him and gets nothing
kabaddi shere raiding
kang sweeet
kabaddi he got stopped a few minutes ago for the first time
kabaddi shere gets point of mangi
kabaddi point for sonu
kabaddi kaka raiding
kang hangin there
kabaddi meeka goes for legs and kaka pushes him down from the shoulders
kabaddi it's getting crazy
sandhu this is close
kabaddi 45-44 usa, USA'S RAID
kabaddi dhulla point of bittu
kabaddi111 come on USA
kang check out the crowd dude
kabaddi bittu's tired he goes out
Kooner come on KP
kabaddi meek, tirath, aarsh and tunna stopping
kabaddi tirath slapping shera b but he gets away
kang lol
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi111 come on aarrshii
kabaddi111 TIRATH
fraserjat WAT S UP GUYS ??
kabaddi bhinda vs dulla
kabaddi crazy slaps
kabaddi dhulla dives for point
Kooner stop him
kabaddi kaka goes straight for meek
kang goggo is very quiet
kabaddi go to the line but easy for kaka
kabaddi sonu goes after sikander cuz they break up
Kooner top man
fraserjat COOOOOOOL
kabaddi sikander pulls kenchi but sonu JUMPS out
kabaddi sheera b raiding
kang damn i'd pay $100 to watch it on payper view
kabaddi quick touch on meek, meek says no touch or no double touch
kabaddi dhulla raiding
kabaddi111 u kno how many min are left
kabaddi bhina goes after dhulla but not even close
kabaddi kaka raiding
punjabi Kooner where u from
kabaddi mange gets a holf of him
kabaddi kaka gets out quick
kabaddi game over? one more raid each
kabaddi 49-48 usa
kabaddi comes down to this
kabaddi dhulla raiding
Kooner punjabi> england, birmingham
kabaddi sikander
kabaddi nope
kabaddi usa win
kabaddi finals baby
kang sweeet we can take em down in final now
kang go west go
sandhu 50 - 48 then
kabaddi jeeta maur is done for the day
sandhu what you mean?
kabaddi yeah dunno who got the half point
kabaddi wait jeeta moaur is back
Kooner that was close!!!
kabaddi kooner u gonna copy and paste the bit i got disconnected
kabaddi u have to do one line at a time
punjabi who won the wrestling match
kabaddi that was an exciting bit
kabaddi shera b got stopped by mangi
kabaddi bullar beat the indian champ
kang lol its punjabi blood dude we can play in any condition
kang_011 o kidda
sandhu 50 -48 then?
punjabi do u know the name of the india champ thanks bro
kang_011 hows world cup going man
kang comoon bhullar cant do a shyt on sand khusti
kabaddi i got it in the clip
kabaddi put it up later
kabaddi kang watch ur language
kabaddi match staring in two minutes
kang bring him to hakimpur kheda we'll c then
kabaddi england vs canada east
punjabi thanks bro
kang did i say somethin wrong?
kang_011 o kang r u from lallian too
kabaddi yeah
kang no im from surrey
kang_011 naw i mean back in punjab
kang are you?
kang yea
kang are you?
kang_011 yup
kang_011 whos dis?
fraserjat KANG u r RIGHT Most people have same views about Bhullar
kabaddi sonu jump goin online in a few minutes
Kooner bit down man
Kooner KP are out
Kooner I have to support England!
sandhu come on england
punjabi west all the way
kang go west go
kang buraaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang kundia de sing fas ge
kang_011 go USA
kang hun pata pagna kehne mehnta kitia te kehne downtown maare gere
punjabi the winner of this match will win the cup
kabaddi they got some lady on the stage and everyone booing her
kang yea right on
kabaddi brampton mp getting booed like crazy
kang_011 y
kabaddi two clips uploaded
sandhu probably kim bolan
Kooner in the mean time some entertainment for everyone
kabaddi match started
kang lol its not right but pplz r talli now they dont respect "jatt risky after whisky"
kabaddi Lakha raiding
kabaddi touches sandeep ambian and gets away
Kooner http://www.kabaddi.org/audio/
kabaddi dara singh commentator
kabaddi gerewal
Kooner listen to some tunes!
kabaddi gurjit dives across line, ekam thought he got the point
kabaddi lakhi kurali raiding
kabaddi bhat vs lakhi
kabaddi bhat gets everyone by shoulders/amrpit
Kooner match started!
kabaddi he pushes him out and does a flip
kabaddi crazy!
kabaddi kuljit's point stoppers step out
sandhu brilliant
kabaddi jagga vs pappu, jaggas point
kabaddi gurlal raiding
kabaddi tripple touch
kang_011 whos playing agian
Kooner i dont understand Jagga he was terrible in England!
kabaddi yeah he's not that great
kabaddi about 80% raider
kang jagga is 80% good ere in ca
kabaddi lakha's point of bhat
kabaddi sandeep raiding for england
kabaddi hardeep thau goes for his upper body
kabaddi one on one grabbing
kabaddi sandeeps point
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi bhat, sandeep, pappu and jassa stopping
kabaddi bhat vs lakhi, lakhi's point
kabaddi gurjit raiding
kabaddi backpeddles away with hands in the air
kabaddi jagga raiding
kang_011 wat time would be the wrold cup over
kabaddi goes for papa
Kooner trademark backpeddle
kang ekam,thau,anikat and baljit on the other side
kabaddi papa pushes him and he hardly avoids the line
kabaddi but the commentaor gives point to stoppers
kabaddi everyone throwing bottles
kabaddi t's mad
kabaddi bottles everywhere
kang_011 lol
kabaddi crazy guys
kabaddi bloody canadians
kang lol jatt risky after whisky anything can happen now
kang_011 i wish i could see that
sandhu canada west should get points deducted
kabaddi in america the players would jump in the stand and beat them up
kang_011 yup
kang_011 u know how we do
kabaddi it was the raiders point but they gave it to canada west
Kooner some things never change
kabaddi more botttles
kabaddi im going to take cover lol jk
kang what if the person standin in crowd stronger than the player
kang_011 make a video and upload it
kang i will
sandhu this match is fixed
kang_011 coo
kabaddi damn its crazy now
kang wow its not a cricket match
kabaddi everyone throwing bottles
kabaddi security got hit in the head
Kooner dont say that Sandhu yaar
kabaddi it's gone mad
kabaddi bloody ridiculous
kang_011 plaease recoerd it and upload it
kang_011 i wanna see it
kabaddi hahaa
kabaddi we are
kabaddi call the police
kang_011 thanks bro
kabaddi but there's no zoom on that camera lol
sandhu i see what channi meant about canadian fans
kang 911
kabaddi more bottles
kabaddi it doesn't stop
kang_011 dam
Kooner for
kang_011 thats crazy
Kooner dont spoil an amzing tournament
kang_011 r there alot of people in the ground now
sandhu is it really that bad?
Kooner just watching live cast
kang_011 bro amo any update
kabaddi big fight
kabaddi nobody on the ground, it's not like england
kang_011 o man
kang lol
kang_011 now a fight
kang_011 whos fighting
sandhu is it really that bad?
kabaddi only players and supporters allowed on field
sandhu you joking, right?
kabaddi even if you play for another team ur not allowed on the field during matches
kabaddi they gave the point back
kabaddi they're strict here but the people are mad
kang_011 so r cleaning up the mess
kang_011 lol
kang yea im helpin
kabaddi yeah for the 5th time
kabaddi they clean it up and they start throwing bottles again
kang_011 fo real
kabaddi kuljeet raiding
kabaddi thau
kabaddi grabs
kabaddi laps
kabaddi slaps
kabaddi close to the line
kabaddi point kuljeet
kabaddi lakha raiding
kabaddi sandeep goes for him
kabaddi no way jose
kabaddi lakha limping
kabaddi gurlal on raid
fraserjat IT never happens like that in VANCOUVER no bottles
kabaddi kenchi thrown
kabaddi gets nothing
kabaddi kuljit threw kenchi but point for gurlal
kang_011 yup same in CALIFORNIA too
kabaddi pappu gets point by stopping lakhi
punjabi amo its baljit
kabaddi pappu has a lot of stops today
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kabaddi kuljieet slapping like crazy
kabaddi but sandeep is to quick
kabaddi jagga raiding
sandhu go pappu !!!!!!!
kabaddi i bet he gets stopped
kabaddi bhat vs jagga
kabaddi jagga to fast
kabaddi gurjit raiding
kang go hardeeep thau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
kabaddi baljit???
kabaddi oh baljit not kuljit
kabaddi in the red shorts? thanks
punjabi the stopper on the west
kabaddi gurjit just got point
kang thau wills top the next raid
kabaddi lakha vs pappu
kabaddi lakha goes down
kabaddi picks up pappu
kabaddi throws him over the line
kabaddi got the video
kabaddi crazy
kang yea baby bring him
kang sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
kabaddi lakhi kurali raiding
punjabi love to see thet
kabaddi he needs to get benched
kabaddi gets point of bhat
kabaddi gurlal
kang dont send kurali on raid man
kabaddi gurlal gets poing makes it look easy
sandhu this one is close
kabaddi jagga vs pappu
kabaddi pappu grabs his shoulder close to the line but jagga stays in
kabaddi sandeep gets caught by the legs by ekam but double touch
kabaddi new raider
kabaddi lakha's hurt
kabaddi bhat goes for him
kabaddi green shorts gets point
kang england players r facin some canada's big name
kabaddi shinda raider in green shorts
kabaddi gurjit gets point for england
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kabaddi jassa
kabaddi andeep
kabaddi pappu
kabaddi nd bhat stopping
kabaddi pappu pushes him out but double touch
kabaddi 14-12 england
kabaddi kuljeet raiding for UK
kabaddi double touch
kabaddi jagga jujmping around
kabaddi jassa goes straight for him
kabaddi has him good
kabaddi jagga tries to go out of bounds
kabaddi jassa has his ankle but he's getting out
kabaddi he gets out and jagga gets the point
kabaddi just in the nick of time
kabaddi gurlal gets quick point
kabaddi shinda raiding
kabaddi pappu goes after him
sandhu unlucky jassa
kabaddi green shorts vs green shorts
kabaddi shinda's point
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kabaddi yeah was good try
kabaddi ekam has sandeep but he pushes him to the side
kabaddi lakhi kurali raiding
kabaddi bhat after him again
kabaddi slaps
kabaddi slap
kabaddi slaps
kabaddi runnign with hold and lakhi gets away
kabaddi gurjit on raid
sandhu england still up by 2
kabaddi double touch
kabaddi everyone wants gurjit who i think hasn't gotten stopped all day
kabaddi score in a sec
sandhu has gurjit been stopped yet
kabaddi_06 come on all brothers im bck!!!
kabaddi sandeep gets ranjit by wrist
kabaddi ranjit gets point
punjabi ekam and baljit play on the same team with gurjit
kabaddi kabaddi u missed out
kabaddi_06 I PRAYED 4 england lets c if god lsiten 2 me
kabaddi point for kuljeet
kabaddi 16-19
kabaddi green vs green again
kabaddi point shinda
kabaddi gurlal raiding
kabaddi hardeep thau battling
kabaddi gurlal going backwards
kabaddi turns around gets point
kang chakdey thau
kang thok de
kabaddi lakhi raiding
kang uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi jassa looks radey
kang oh no
kabaddi pappu goes
kabaddi player steps out of bounds
kabaddi 18-20uk winning
kabaddi sandeep raiding
kabaddi ekam double touch
kang no team work
kabaddi pappu vs ranjit
sandhu england 3 up
kabaddi papu has him, trips him up
kabaddi gets a hold of him good and ranjit gives up
kabaddi gurjit raiding
kabaddi ranjit from vancouver
kabaddi gurjit gets cuaght
kabaddi he's getting out
kang england takin it
sandhu england 4 up now!!!!
kabaddi dragging player
kabaddi lmost out
kabaddi wow
kabaddi_06 papp brauuuuuuuuu
kabaddi dragging to the line
kabaddi gets the point
kabaddi stopper had solid grip
kang plyrs like ali man u guys jus looks big but nothin
kabaddi aniket for canada west
sandhu amo give gurjit a tenner !!
kabaddi sandep vs shinda loparia
kang pappu is a soldier
kabaddi haha i only got us currencty gave up the only 20 canadian i have allready
kabaddi kuljit point for england
kabaddi lakhi kurali raiding again
kang and canada west is lucky that sandeep ambia havnt start yet
amo quick point for lakhi
kabaddi_06 lao jppe beleo
amo half time
amo score to follow
kabaddi_06 how out dat amo lol
amo probably england still by 2 points
kang far lo ehnu
sandhu england leading by 4
amo 23-24 england
amo or 20-24
kang still hangin
amo damn joti u keeping stats lol
sandhu i think 20-24 mate check again
amo wassu kuli
kang yea it is
amo yeah 24-20
Kuli kidda
sandhu i'm updating the forum
Kuli wuts happend at teh cup so far
amo crazy
amo sk somebody
kang yea man
kang thau n ekam doin nothin
kang i dunno why they make anikeit to play at world level
amo kuljit raiding
amo aniket misses
amo kuljits point
kang anikeit cant do anythin
amo shinda vs pappu
kang all he does attem but neva get a stop
amo shinda jumps over line
kang we'll make it next yr
amo gurlal got caught with kenchi by ekam but gets away with ease
amo lakhi raiding
amo lakha raid now online
amo crazy must see
amo lakhi's point
amo sandeep raiding
amo ekam gets sandeep but double touch
amo ranjit touches jassa and gets away
amo gurjit raiding
amo ekam goes but misses
amo gurjit hasn't been stopped all day
Kuli damn i wish i was there this year
fraserjat for f--- sakes stop double touching
amo shinda loco raiding
amo bhat goes for upper body
amo pushes him out of bounds
Kuli they come out with teh dvd's too late man takes them liek 5 months
amo bhat's point
amo kuljeet raiding
amo haha we got bootleg don't worry
amo thau vs kuljeet
Kuli haha...hook me up bootleg
amo that trips him up but he makes it across line
sandhu gurjit is class
amo lakhi raiding
amo pappu vs lakhi
amo slaps
amo pappuj pushing him out
amo pappu's point
amo jumps up with hands in the air
kang england rulin
Kuli lakhi not doin to bad huh
amo gurlal gets away from aniket leg grab attempt
amo ranjit raiding
kang anikeit ne kuch ne karna
amo about 75% maybe 85
amo sandeep ambian stops ranjit
sandhu pappu's got to up for best stopper at this rate
amo 24-32
amo u were right half time score was 20 -24
amo sandeeps quick easy point
amo bhat is doing well as well
amo shinda loco raiding
amo sandeep has him
amo kenchi
Kooner Pappu has to be best stopper of tournament so far
amo he's not letting go
amo point sandeep
amo gurjit
amo flies by ekam
kang bhat is good too
amo lakhi raiding
sandhu england leading by 8
kabaddi_06 btw can i get da dvd frm england
amo i just said 32-24 a minute ago
amo lakhi's point
Kooner know u guys can see why we have been raving about Gurjit for last 2years!!!!
amo kuljeeta raiding
fraserjat I think CANADA WEST has given up
kabaddi_06 Gurjit tootpindia braaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuu
amo ekam and kuljeet to the line, kuljeets point
amo yeah they should not have made it
Kooner U can tell Kuljeeta has been on a diet of butter all hi life!
amo it should have been canada east
amo ranjit raiding
amo bhat
sandhu he's one of the niciest guys you will meet in this game sound bloke
kang canada west man lakha cant do everythin by himself
amo 11535 grabs, slaps and slips and falls
fraserjat 11536 No stops so far it sucks
amo 11549 gurlal
amo 11553 was ready to play at 6am
amo 11562 looking out the window enjoying the weather
amo 11567 gurlal gets point of ekam
amo 11576 there's been a few stops where u been
amo 11580 oh you mean canada west lol
amo 11588 shinda gets point of sandeep
amo 11591 sandeep raiding
amo 11602 gets away from ankle grap and speeds by stopper
amo 11615 ranjit raiding
kang 11619 i understand thau or ekam its their 1st time n its hard for em to play on mats but wa abt anikeit
sandhu 11625 has nangal ambian acutally made a stop yet?
amo 11629 bhat goes for ranjit
amo 11643 ranjit does a slap type push and bhat falls to the floor (slips)
amo 11647 yeah 2 minutes ago
Kooner 11649 oh Vailiati oh! Vailiati oh!
amo 11651 pay attention lol
amo 11659 kuljeet's point
amo 11673 lakhi raiding
amo 11683 goes for sandeep and pappu pushes him out
amo 11685 double touch
amo 11691 gurlal on raid
fraserjat 11696 I mean no stops so far against ENGLAND
amo 11697 btw where's nav?????
amo 11707 yah it's beyond over now
kang 11713 yea man
amo 11714 hardeep thau has no chance against gurlal
amo 11716 shinda raiding
Kooner 11718 Nav is asleep
Kooner 11724 or bout to wake up
amo 11726 29-40
amo 11736 shinda vs sandeep
amo 11747 everyone thinks he's jeeti because of his shorts lol
kang 11750 damn stop this match my head onmy foo
amo 11751 shinda's point
amo 11754 sandeep raiding
kang 11760 slute to lakha
Kooner 11766 sounds like Southall v Birmingham!
Kooner 11770
sandhu 11770 england ripped them
fraserjat 11815 Different story if LAKKHA was playing
kabaddi 11815 pappu stops ranjit
kabaddi 11821 disconnected again
kabaddi 11832 kuljeeta with another succesfull raid
kabaddi 11844 lakha can't do more than double raids
kabaddi 11848 all the bc raiders are done
kabaddi 11864 under 12 match coming up
kabaddi 11877 gurlal gets away from hardeep thaus kenchi (from behind)
kabaddi 11882 seeta's in
sandhu 11888 bring on the usa
kabaddi 11896 the guy who got kicked out for throwing bottles is back in teh stands
kabaddi 11901 shinda's point
Kuli 11904 lakha not playing?????
kabaddi 11904 sandeep raiding
fraserjat 11908 TOO much effort against CANADA EAST
kabaddi 11910 easy point
kabaddi 11912 he's hurt
kabaddi 11915 check the video bro
kabaddi 11917 just uploaded
kabaddi 11921 didn't raid after that
kang 11921 shame to ali
Kooner 11923 excuses excuses!
Kuli 11931 how he get hurt
kabaddi 11932 lakhi raiding
Kuli 11937 wut happend to ali?
kabaddi 11938 sandeep with sick hold
kabaddi 11945 upside down kenchi but lakhi gets out
kang 11947 lol welcome back sharbbia
kabaddi 11952 ali was a no show, injured i think
kabaddi 11958 kuljeet raiding
kabaddi 11970 ekam with another unsuccesfull attempt
Kuli 11973 booo
Kuli 11975 to ali
Kuli 11981 wut abotu manga
kabaddi 11990 point for ranjit
kabaddi 11996 no manga
kabaddi 12001 next weekn in bc they say
kabaddi 12009 gurlal ganour raiding
fraserjat 12012 VANCOUVER CUP will be on natural grass
kang 12013 ali sits out cuz some kiri ne dandi badhi him on his finger
kabaddi 12019 making it look easy again
kabaddi 12023 shinda up to raid
kabaddi 12026 shinda loco
kabaddi 12039 47-34
kabaddi 12042 47-35
kabaddi 12045 sandeep raiding
kabaddi 12049 welcome back ambi
kang 12051 ali jus makin money outta this game
fraserjat 12060 SHINDA LOPO
ambi 12060 thanks
kabaddi 12065 sandeep says he touches thau thah says no
kabaddi 12068 sandeeps point
kabaddi 12077 ranjit from bc raiding
kang 12079 he is doin this from since he started kbdi
kabaddi 12086 grujit looks tired or hurt
kabaddi 12089 eeta vs ranjit
ambi 12097 is jassa playing
kabaddi 12097 sita was doing well but got pushed to the side
kabaddi 12099 *seeta
kabaddi 12105 yeah him and seeta
sandhu 12110 yes
kabaddi 12112 bhat and sandeep ambian stopping
kabaddi_06 12115 YH jsu saw him in da video
fraserjat 12121 Shinda & gaggi from same village
kabaddi 12122 thau vs kuljeet
kabaddi 12131 kuljeet falls thau jumps on top
ambi 12133 did he make any stops
Kuli 12134 amo...how arshi and junni doin
kabaddi 12144 kuljeet stretches for point
kabaddi 12149 damn u made me forget the score
kabaddi 12153 49-36???
kang 12155 yo valetio congrats for goin to the final
ambi 12162 did jassa make any stops
kabaddi 12166 junni couldn't play only 10 players aollowed
kabaddi 12173 aarshi played didn't have any attempts
kabaddi 12178 tirath played readlly well
kabaddi 12186 jassa had 2 or 3 stops but none in this match
kabaddi 12189 bad news for UK
kabaddi 12195 gurjit looks like he's done for the day
sandhu 12199 why
ambi 12203 oh
kabaddi 12204 36-48
ambi 12208 wat
Kuli 12208 put more clips up man
kabaddi_06 12209 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Kuli 12209 ol
kabaddi 12216 he's limping of the field
sandhu 12219 @#$*!
kabaddi 12226 but on his own will so who knows
kabaddi_06 12229 dats fcked
ambi 12230 fuking hell
Kuli 12242 USA all the way
kabaddi 12242 kids been training for 6 months going to put on a under 12 match now
kabaddi 12252 oh watch it
kabaddi_06 12264 ENGLAND COME ON
sandhu 12275 whats the final score
ambi 12291 is dere gonna be a kids match
kabaddi 12293 yaar
kabaddi 12297 i just announced the score
fraserjat 12304 GOOD LUCK to ENGLAND
kabaddi 12307 omg do you guys read anything
sandhu 12325 48-36?
kabaddi 12325 i just put under 12's 6 or 7 sentences ago
kabaddi 12328 yeah
kang 12330 ya good luck angles
Kuli 12332 hey so wuts teh break down of teh tournment so far
Kuli 12340 who won who lost....any key injuries
kabaddi 12344 i think it was 49 but they rounded it to 48 to make it look nicer lol
kabaddi 12353 lakha's out and so is his team
kabaddi 12363 biggest news of the day canada east upsert canada west
kabaddi 12365 huge fight
ambi 12366 uk vs who now
kabaddi 12372 bottles everywhere
Kuli 12377 wut happend to lakha...did he get stopped at all?
kabaddi 12377 usa who else
kabaddi 12394 bro are u dumb
kabaddi 12400 i said ten times watch the clip
kang 12403 ye goggo stopped him
kabaddi 12405 link on the homepag
ambi 12411 i wasnt here
Kuli 12419 ur dumb
kabaddi 12422 i'm talking to kuli
Kuli 12425 oh nvm
Kuli 12426 l
Kuli 12441 oh fuk u then
kabaddi 12450 lol kuli watch ur language
kabaddi 12453 i'll kick u bro
Kuli 12461 do'nt call me dumb
kabaddi 12474 okay sorry maam
Kuli 12477 do it
Kooner 12493 CALM DOWN
Kooner 12505 otherwise i will start singing
sandhu 12512 chill
kang 12512 yea dont call him dumb
kabaddi 12512 don't worry kooner he's safe
Kooner 12517 now u dont want that
kang 12525 if u own this site that doesnt mean ur gonna call uss diff names
kabaddi_06 12529 lol
Kooner 12537 ok
kabaddi 12545 lol i don't own the site and relax
sandhu 12548 yeah it does
Kuli 12548 yup
kabaddi 12549 i said dumb i didn't swear
sandhu 12555 not
Kooner 12571 change the subject
kabaddi 12572 sorry parji i made a mistake
kang 12576 wa if one of us call u by same name
Kooner 12582 what happening with the entertainments
kabaddi 12583 kids match starting
Kuli 12587 <----- throws bottle in chat room
kang 12588 will hurt hana sohnia?
kabaddi 12601 hahaha
fraserjat 12620 TORONTO STYLE
Kooner 12620 i threw a bomb
Kooner 12641 typical Jatts
kang 12649 dont throw bottles when we got jeeb to talks only
Kooner 12656 bejo mithru
Kooner 12674 aisi ticket lehi ya
kabaddi 12682 anyone want u12 raids?
Kooner 12686 paisa vasool karna!
kabaddi 12691 big kid raids and throws kid to side
Kooner 12694 nah yaar
kabaddi 12698 singh raiding against 3 other sings
kabaddi 12701 singh vs singh
kabaddi 12702 kenchi
kabaddi 12705 blue vs red
kabaddi 12709 bloods vs crips
fraserjat 12712 Toronto fans need some anger management classes
Kooner 12713 whats happening with Gurjit
kabaddi 12715 he's not going anywhere
Kooner 12721 will he come back
kabaddi 12723 not sure
kabaddi 12726 tall kit raiding
kabaddi 12734 kid has some skill
kabaddi 12751 these kids really have been practicing
Kuli 12810 try to put up some more clips if u all got any
kabaddi 12831 nah i want to enjoy the kids match
kabaddi_06 12831 can u record the whe final match??
kabaddi 12834 clips will go up later
Kuli 12838 lol
fraserjat 12843 They have been doing it all year long
kabaddi_06 12866 RECORD DA FINAL BHAJI
kabaddi 12868 brb
kang 12904 yea sohnia record the final match 1st or 2nd half
kabaddi_06 12917 sara krde final ah
kabaddi 12918 im not doing the video so i can't promise you good quality lol but we should be able to record the whole match no problem
kabaddi_06 12926 1nce in a year
kabaddi 12935 2 different people recording with two different cameras
kang 12939 sweeeeeeeeet
kabaddi 12944 one photo camera w/ video and one video camera
kabaddi_06 12949 gdgd will i beable 2 get dvd frm ngd
kabaddi 12986 HUH?
kabaddi_06 13005 can i get the dvd frm england>
kabaddi 13040 we dont make dvd's but well sort you out don't worry
kang 13051 whoever is makin the video of this cup theu should release it all around the world
kang 13062 so pplz can watch enjoy it
kabaddi_06 13103 fnk bhaji
kabaddi 13112 yeah were gonna talk to them
Kooner 13114 http://www.sunzara.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SunZara_Library&file=index&q=f&f=%2Falbums%2F-%3D%5B+Bhangra+Albums+%5D%3D-%2F-%3D%5B+2006+%5D%3D-%2FSantokh+Dhesi+-+Dholfrenzy#
kabaddi 13119 maybe sell it online
kang 13135 its anotha way to promote the game
Kooner 13151 http://www.sunzara.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SunZara_Library&file=index&i=p
kabaddi 13160 that a new song kooner?
kabaddi 13164 i'll rip it later lol
Kooner 13170 yeah
Kooner 13180 good man!
kabaddi_06 13182 sfe man owe u loadz
kabaddi 13184 oh santokh desi
Kooner 13185
kabaddi 13205 man i should go tell them to play this
Kooner 13234 its a bad tune!
kabaddi_06 13239 yh man
kabaddi_06 13256 CUP OHI JITTAN GEY....
Kooner 13264 he mentions Jeeti, Pappu Gurlal etc!
kabaddi_06 13284 yh yh
Kooner 13330 World Cup ohi jiten ge jena de dollaya patha vich jana!
kabaddi_06 13350 yep p
Kooner 13377 Shame Jeeti could not be there repreasenting England with Seeta today!
Kooner 13440 USA did really well against KP so will be good to see how they fair with England!
kabaddi 13485 guys another huge fight
kabaddi 13488 about 10 people
kabaddi 13491 right behind us
kabaddi 13495 loads of punches thrown
kabaddi_06 13502 balle
kang 13512 sweeeeeeeet
sandhu 13513 prob bham lot
fraserjat 13527 what was the score
kabaddi_06 13538 patta lagda punjabi gay oha match dikhin
kang 13541 catch it on cam
fraserjat 13553 who won
Kooner 13557 lol at Joti
fraserjat 13574 just tell me
kabaddi 13591 what
kang 13610 what do u wanna know bro?
kang 13619 west is out
fraserjat 13619 England pr usa
sandhu 13625 who won the fight bham of canada
kang 13638 england vs usa final
kang 13652 tony blair vs george bush
fraserjat 13652 yeah
kabaddi 13673 going to eat
kabaddi 13679 under 12 match is pretty good
fraserjat 13680 k
kang 13685 yea kha la kuch man ur doin a good job
kabaddi 13688 think they can take on nz u16's lol jk
sandhu 13691 what time is the final
kabaddi 13707 probaby an hour
kabaddi 13709 gatka up next
kang 13712 at 6
kabaddi 13715 5:35 here
kabaddi 13727 yeah probably 6
Kooner 13753 sounds like things are on time
kang 13770 damn we have all the big playrs ere in canada but its england n usa makin to the final
kabaddi 13773 yeah they make plans to well even if things go bad lol
kang 13778 like it
sandhu 13786 you sure the fight you weren't just the gatka guys praciting
kabaddi 13787 the canada players are spread out
kabaddi 13794 if they played together they would be tough to beat
Kooner 13799 ha ha ha
kang 13815 lol'
Kooner 13830 is anyone going to sing
Kooner 13839 t year they had Gurdas Mann ji
kang 13857 n plz when u guys work on superstar page dont put ali's name in it
Kooner 13857 year b4 was Makhan paaji
kang 13943 make lakhi kurali to sing he was singin on tv in an interview few months bak
kang 14099 bas 20 ku min rehnde fer jana dhol vajj, ajj ohhi cup jitan ge jehri team ch experience badh
kabaddi 14269 guys good news
kabaddi 14273 gurjit appears to be fine
kang 14288 cool
kabaddi 14302 i didn't ask him but went in the locker room and he was okay and usa team said he was fine but they can't say the same after the match
sandhu 14304 that great news, he will be best raider for sure
kabaddi 14322 yeah probably but not if they lose
sandhu 14355 is he wearing his kabaddi.org t-shirt
kabaddi 14386 nah everyone is wearing the shirts that were provided
kabaddi 14408 they are pretty strict here. they were going to make everyone wear matchign uniforms
kabaddi 14417 BUT they messed up on the order and some of the shorts were too long
sandhu 14418 have they got our logos on then
kabaddi 14434 nope
kabaddi 14465 hey i gotta go
kabaddi 14474 there doing gatka here right in front of us and i don't want to be here
sandhu 14531 have those morris dancers perfromed yet then?
Kooner 14581 in the break its time to listen to Labh Heera
Kooner 14599 lyrics by Makhan Brar
kang 14732 8 mins to go
Kooner 14895 have they done a presentation for KAKA?
kabaddi_06 14928 yh yh his wife was meant 2 come awell
kang 14953 meeka will get more stops in the final
kabaddi_06 14971 on who hahah
kang 14983 n tirth too
kabaddi_06 15002 AND*
kang 15007 i know pappu
kang 15014 he will come out firin
kang 15019 i know him more than u do
kabaddi_06 15028 chill out!!!
kabaddi_06 15038 wot mkes u fink dat
sandhu 15045 well done seeta, jassa, jet, arshi, all home grown players involved in the final
Kooner 15048 i dont understand why the German Norway promoter does not take a team from Europe
kabaddi_06 15073 jet born in da Uk btw fought id j let u know
Kooner 15077 as they always play in India tournaments
kang 15079 i dont care whoever wins but i wanna c blood runnin into rooots of kabaddi
kang 15149 who knows if bhat start raidin in thw final
sandhu 15173 the guy from germany gurdeep has the harjit talwar club guys playing for him, pappu, ajmer, shera boparai, keepa badni
Kooner 15184 thats it
Kooner 15197 southall players
kang 15198 if jeeta moar gets best jafi of the final that 'll be awesom
Kooner 15234 he will open another shop in WALES!
sandhu 15240 th e norway guy gurdial padda has baba deep singh players like gurlal, sandeep nangal
Kooner 15282 Is Gurdial the one with beard?
kabaddi_06 15288 and jassa sidhma 100% sure!
kang 15328 gettin ready
kabaddi_06 15338 i want sheera 2ay uk an all the others do
Kooner 15348 is Balwinder singh Fidda at the toiurnament?
kang 15355 whistlin cheeka pendia lalkarey vajdey mundey jaangiey laun lag gaey
Kooner 15365 his son is at uni in Waterloo
kabaddi_06 15372 get a clip 4 da who final yh
kabaddi_06 15397 WHOLE*
kang 15411 yea sure kabaddi guy will do it for us
kabaddi_06 15424 kang tell em
kabaddi_06 15443 gd lad lol ur da only 1 who suports my pinions kang
kabaddi_06 15453 opinions*
kang 15455 he is eatin roti but i will
kabaddi_06 4 saara match dikhna final da yaar
fraserjat 15507 Makkhan DPs ambi hathur international club has lot of players in this CUP
kang 15507 u give me ur add in uk i'll send u the dvd
sandhu 15541 was makhan saidoke playing?
kabaddi_06 15554 seriously kang??
fraserjat 15571 YA he played for INDIA
kang 15582 yea man nothin bigger than friends
fraserjat 15610 DIDnt do much today
kabaddi_06 15615 ill send it u in a email bhaji
Kuli 15622 the U12 match still goin on
Kooner 15634 kang> mail me on [email protected]
kang 15640 plyrs like anikeit shudnt play in the worl cup
sandhu 15658 first time on mats probably not even a practise
kabaddi_06 15673 kANG> mail me @ [email protected]
kabaddi_06 15685 [email protected]*
kabaddi_06 15735 Kang fnkz man paise kinni lagne??
kang 15736 yea but 1st u pay me $200 canadian at [email protected]
kang 15753 jk bro i will
kabaddi_06 15763 haha lol jkn right
kang 15770 im comin to sloush end of sept...
Kuli 15772 is the next match the final or wut?
Kuli 15777 fill a' brotha in
kang 15782 slough
kabaddi_06 15787 september bloody hell lol
fraserjat 15791 MATS r totally different from grass
kabaddi_06 15802 YH final agen
Kuli 15812 i've played on mates
Kuli 15821 u get way better grip on ur feet
kang 15845 mitti is better
Kuli 15856 haha
kabaddi_06 15861 kang note my email down yh
Kuli 15875 wuts teh email for?
kang 15880 karlia yaar ckysingh
kabaddi 15894 usa wooooonnnnnn
kang 15908 won what?
kabaddi_06 15919 nA its rickysingh_04hotmail.co
kabaddi_06 15937 kang hold on let me rite it propely bhaji
kang 15939 ok
kabaddi_06 15951 [email protected]<<<<<<<<<< DIS1
kang 15967 oh kkkk yaar
kabaddi_06 15992 sound september blody hell dats sum w8 but fnkz man lol
kang 16042 u wanna c 2006 or some other cup?
kang 16062 i have 2000 to 2005 n im gettin this one too
sandhu 16071 first time on mats probably not even a practise
kabaddi_06 16074 2006 hor vi hege oh vi dikhaldi bhaji lol
kang 16093 ok sohnia
kabaddi_06 16137 lol september ill b w8n lol
nijjar 16236 kidha everyone
Kuli 16247 wuts goin on at teh cup
Kuli 16256 any games ?
kabaddi_06 16270 na da cup aint started yet
kabaddi_06 16278 haha
Kuli 16283 come on...this suppose to be live chat
Kuli 16304 england adn USA in the finals?
Kuli 16320 wut it be ?
Kooner 16362 sandeep paaji welcome#
kabaddi_06 16489 come on bhajiz lets get chattn dis is a once in a life oppurtunity
kabaddi_06 16494 bruuuuuuaaaaaaaa
kabaddi_06 16532 Kang email me soon yh
kang 16558 match is onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
kabaddi_06 16580 is it??
nijjar 16584 which match
kabaddi_06 16586 wheres ammo adnd at
kabaddi_06 16595 and dat*
kabaddi_06 16601 DA FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! init??
kabaddi 16775 yo the match is gonna start soon
sandhu 16778 first time on mats probably not even a practise
kabaddi 16788 15 to 20 minutes
kabaddi 16806 UK vs USA
kabaddi 16924 UK team bhatt, teeta mord, pappu churchak, sandeep surkpur, gurjeet turthpuria, jass, sita, gurlal, kuljeet, shaukat ali, sandeep nangalambia
kabaddi 17010 USA sonu jump, dulla, tunna, mangi, kippa, jett, mangi, donali, meek, junni, kandola, arshi
Kuli 17050 hey amo
Kuli 17057 usa raiders are sonu and dulla
Kuli 17066 dunno any other names
Kuli 17138 this chat is hella dead or mines not workin
kang 17171 watch out for donali
Kooner 17189 we been on this chat for last 8 hours!
Kuli 17198 hahaha
Kuli 17202 k that explains it then
kang 17209 it'll be fun to watch sonu jump vs. pappu
Kooner 17214 Kabaddi de pagal darshak!
Kooner 17238 we just wating for final to start
Kooner 17257 here is a summary what happen today http://www.kabaddi.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1098
sangha07 17373 whas the final?
kabaddi 17375 donali might not be playin though
kabaddi 17391 sonu didnt get stopped yet in the whole tournament
sandhu 17392 england v usa mate
sangha07 17412 no way
kabaddi 17414 yup uk vs usa
sandhu 17467 gurjit hasn't been stopped once, pappu on fire
kabaddi 17469 you lot still awake
kabaddi_06 17478 bad line up wiv dhulla and seera
kabaddi 17479 what time is it now in uk
kabaddi 17482 12:30?
kabaddi_06 17485 SHEERA*
kabaddi 17491 dunali hasn' tplayed yet but he's on us team
kang 17495 lets c kehra jammda soorma
kabaddi_06 17498 UK ITS 23:00
sandhu 17512 i'm jus tfell a sleep but am just awake now
Kuli 17512 who's dunali
sandhu 17529 11.40pm here mate
kabaddi_06 17537 I cant fall asleep till dis fing is over
kabaddi 17548 lol yeah
kang 17560 yea baby
Kuli 17564 damn sandeep's team and lakha's team are both out
kabaddi 17567 they got all these singers doing their thing
kabaddi 17571 some good kabaddi songs
Kuli 17574 and kaka's
kabaddi 17595 i told them to play that one song but there bit occupied with the live stuff
Kooner 17596 i am falling asleep
kang 17600 dono teama ikko jehia ni ho jana hune nabey ra
kabaddi 17600 yeah crazy
Kooner 17603 buda babba!
kabaddi_06 17613 I cudn;tget asleepyesterday finkin it b on tv but iits only in canada
kabaddi 17637 donali hasn't played yet
kabaddi 17642 jet and aarshi as well
kang 17654 donali will stop gurjit
kabaddi 17670 gurjit is sick
kang 17675 ssa
kabaddi 17676 it's going to be hard to stop uk raiders
kabaddi 17681 sandeep, gurjit and gurlal
kang 17690 catch him on cam man
kabaddi 17698 i dunno if you lot gonna hvae them back in canada next year
kabaddi 17702 money talks aye
kabaddi 17707 who gurjit?
Kuli 17710 i think dulla will do his part...lets see if sonu pulls threw against eh UK stoppers
kabaddi_06 17710 WE WILL WELL BETR
kabaddi 17716 just done a quick interview with him
kabaddi_06 17743 if ne1 moves 2 canada im gna bomg canada i swear robbin our players init valetio
kang 17746 put it on this site
kabaddi 17809 the interview?
kabaddi 17817 have to check it first cuz it was a bit loud
Kooner 17819 ha ha ha
Kooner 17830 Gurjit is going no where
kang 17832 its ok jus put it on
Kooner 17837 nor is Pappu
kabaddi 17841 will probably redo it
sangha07 17842 omg cant believe im all the way in england,not fair
sandhu 17850 11.40pm here mate
Kuli 17870 3 44 pm here
Kooner 17871 11.44
Kuli 17871 aha
Kooner 17879 lol
kang 17886 putt jatta da ghat nahi karda shadu kadha ke leeka
kabaddi 17886 u lot should do a cup and show them your not far behind them (
Kooner 17910 i am fallin asleep and AMO tells some next man still playing the tumbi!
sandhu 17942 most people over here are thick as @#$*!e
kang 17951 hun lagda bottla sutnia penia
sangha07 17951 hey our u21 match shud be on now thas y im so pissed coz i no we shud be playing roundabout now!
Kuli 17958 wut u tmean thick as fuk
Kooner 17967 we have the players but canadians are more organised
sandhu 18016 i'm mean unprofessional
kabaddi 18020 lol
kabaddi_06 18045 BRUUUUAAAA main vi peetio ah JKN
Kooner 18059 u can count the UK born fans on one hand!
kabaddi 18076 lol damn u done did it now. first gurwdwara then some drinks. england will surely lose
Kooner 18093 tru man
kabaddi_06 18100 lol im 14 bhaji lol
kabaddi 18107 but they have a sick team
Kooner 18109 how could u kabadi_06
kabaddi_06 18110 i was jkn
kabaddi 18115 i know ur only joking
kabaddi_06 18119 lol
kabaddi_06 18126 BRUAAAAAAAA
Kooner 18130 tut tut
kabaddi 18132 can't believe canada east and kesri punjab are knocked out
Kooner 18133 lol
Kooner 18152 USA seem to have 20 players
kabaddi_06 18152 chakde fateh america noon chake marna bruuuaaaaaa
Kooner 18155 lol
Kooner 18166 is John Gill there
kabaddi_06 18176 kesri punjab didn;t gogoo play gd againt usa
Kooner 18177 or is it Lacher brothers Kooner 18241 Aajo hon... raath hogi.. neend ondi ya...
kabaddi 18242 tirath's team
kabaddi 18244 gill
kabaddi 18253 lashers band rememberd
kabaddi_06 18258 didn't goggo play gd aganst usa
kabaddi 18259 for incident in chicago last year
Kooner 18271 is someone going to wake Navtej in New Zealand up?
kabaddi 18271 been a long day i can't remember now
kabaddi 18279 i think he may have gotten one stop but that's it
kabaddi 18294 goggo did really well in their first match against canada east
kabaddi_06 18299 o k u know wot dis is 2 all fans exept england
kabaddi_06 18301 ....
kabaddi 18304 yeah you lot should give him a ring
kabaddi 18312 i bet he has alpha punjabi or whatever it is
Kooner 18321 he will curse me for waking him up!
kabaddi 18322 what kabaddi_06 ?
Kuli 18330 hey is it on alpha
kabaddi 18334 nah he's gonna say guys do some networking
Kuli 18337 i got alpha
kabaddi 18341 you got it over there kuli?
kang 18342 yup
Kooner 18346 i forget his married now!
kabaddi 18349 it's on live tv in canada
kang 18350 its on alpha
sangha07 18350 COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuli 18359 yea i got alpha
kabaddi 18361 nah mate i think they doing better without jeeti
kang 18368 check it out
kabaddi 18373 to many star stoppers on one team doesn't always work
kabaddi 18376 to many double touches
kabaddi 18384 players entering the field now
Kuli 18386 no man there gurbani on alpha
kabaddi 18407 nice
kabaddi 18413 it's alpha tv in vancouver or something
kang 18416 so u dont live in canada?
kabaddi 18433 england team just come on
kabaddi 18440 kabaddi.org is international
kang 18452 whistlessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
sangha07 18470 IS GURJEET PLAYING
kang 18480 yea he is playin
sandhu 18486 i'm mean unprofessional
kabaddi 18499 yeah he's going to play
kabaddi 18513 he's a lion man
kabaddi_06 18567 lion SHER KIYA KARO BHAJI lol
sangha07 18581 i hope he dont go canada next year
kang 18597 all abt money ppplz
kabaddi_06 18618 na he wont
kabaddi_06 18623 KOONER TELL EM
kabaddi_06 18642 cuz tootpinda comes wiv hsi accademy so dats disrspect if he moves awa frm hayes
kabaddi 18652 nah he was saying thanks to uk fed and people who brought him over and support them
sandhu 18668 i know quite well so we'll be able to find out beforehand
kabaddi_06 18685 gdgd
kabaddi_06 18731 can i jus say....
Kooner 18768 Gurjit is going no where I said so! lol!
kabaddi_06 18820 Hope every1 agrees wiv me
kabaddi 18842 game time
Kooner 18886 Kabaddi will be getting a bonus!
Kooner 18892
Kooner 18916 midnight now!
kabaddi_06 18917 lol yh man SUPER BONUS
kabaddi_06 18931 BRUUUUUUAAAAA l8er da better BRUUUUUUUUAAAA
kabaddi 18949 listen
kabaddi 18966 u want us to record the whole match straight or the whole match but different clips
kabaddi 18979 if we do it straight we can't put up clips right away but can later
kang 18980 yes man
kabaddi_06 18981 STRAIGHT
kabaddi_06 18986 BRUUUAAAA
sandhu 18995 whole match
kabaddi_06 19002 init kng straight
nijjar 19002 the whole match straight
kabaddi 19002 if we record the whole match but keep pushing stop then it takes time to focus sometimes
kang 19009 jus record the whole match dont put up clips
kabaddi 19027 but we have 2 cameras a proper video camera that we can convert later
kang 19030 nobody cares abt daal when there is butterchicken on the table
kabaddi_06 19030 koi ni kabaddi too bas karde record bhaji
kabaddi 19049 haha
kang 19049 whole match man
kang 19061 whole match yo
kabaddi 19066 allright guys when the match starts keep the chat to a limit
kabaddi 19073 because i might get booted or have lag
kabaddi_06 19076 MONDIO striaght recordin kari badia jiha
kang 19084 cool
sandhu 19092 whole match
kang 19112 go kabaddi .org go
kang 19117 slute boys chakdio
kang 19139 go kabddi.org go
amo 19143 listen do you guys keep hitting refresh? because im getting seroius lag now
amo 19152 taking about 5 seconds to send a message though
Kooner 19156 masala laa ke!
amo 19156 this is better
kabaddi_06 19160 BOLE SONIHAAL....
SYS exit 0 19160 sprintf(L_EXIT_ROM, "kang") Kooner 19187 SAAAS SRI AKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL
sandhu 19198 i keep hitting refresh as the page crashes
Kooner 19204 Let the final commence!
kabaddi 19212 well stop it lol
Kooner 19215 dont press refresh
kabaddi 19221 gurjit looks good as new
Kooner 19223 just keep posting
kabaddi_06 19223 NOO*
kabaddi 19246 if you use the refresh code you can change it so it refreshes every 3 secs
kabaddi 19250 or 4 is the minium
kabaddi 19252 allright
kabaddi 19254 here we go
kabaddi 19256 gurjit on raid
kabaddi_06 19272 shavash
kabaddi 19273 fan favorite over here
kang 19277 buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi_06 19283 srry im excited ill try 2 ontrol myself
kabaddi 19284 tuna, meek tirtah and mangi stopping
kabaddi 19287 meek has him
kabaddi 19291 picks up up
kang 19294 chkloooooooooooooooooooooooo
kabaddi 19294 has him good
kabaddi 19296 point usa
sangha07 19300 yeh everyone try to keep down coz amo is doing us a great favour here
kabaddi 19303 gurjit gives in and is limping
kabaddi_06 19304 oi oi aaja tootpindia
kabaddi 19311 1-0
Kooner 19312 what gurjit stoped!
kabaddi_06 19315 NO WAY
kang 19317 buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi 19320 dhulla vs bhat
Kooner 19321 nahinnnnnnnnnnnnn
kabaddi_06 19326 1 and a half actually
kabaddi 19331 bhat goes flying as dhulla pushes him to side
kabaddi 19333 yeah
kabaddi_06 19333 BHAT ROKDE
kabaddi 19338 kuljeet on raid
kang 19343 hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh
kabaddi 19343 tunna loks hungry
kabaddi 19350 guys tstop
kabaddi 19352 i got lag man
kabaddi 19355 meek again
kabaddi 19356 2 points
kabaddi 19358 rape
kabaddi 19361 bloody rape
sandhu 19367 usa 2.5 up
kabaddi 19367 crowd goes wild
kabaddi 19379 jogi on raid fan favorite
kabaddi_06 19381 tell us if dey come bck and who gets da point bhaji
kang 19384 told u watch outta meek
kabaddi 19389 jassa, bhatt samdeep and pappu stopping
kabaddi_06 19391 jogi frm coventry dat is
kabaddi 19393 jogi's point
kabaddi 19398 kabaddi 06 stop
kang 19401 big game big names gotta change it baby
kabaddi 19403 gurlal on raid
kabaddi_06 19412 PAPPU KOSH KAR YAAR
kabaddi 19422 gurlal with point of tunna
kabaddi_06 19427 guru da laal bai aaja
kabaddi 19432 keepa raiding
kang 19436 put in donali
kabaddi 19444 kabaddi_06 > bas kar
kang 19450 lol
kabaddi 19453 keepa's point
kabaddi 19455 sandeep raiding
kabaddi 19466 meek goes again
kabaddi 19468 race
kabaddi_06 19473 bhaji main ke kara yaar josh charda
kabaddi 19478 with little time left sandeep makes it across
kang 19480 thoaktaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
kabaddi 19483 sonu jump on raid
kang 19491 cool keep it up bro
kabaddi 19499 sonu with point of bhat
kabaddi 19504 we paid bhat off
kabaddi_06 19508 talkn 2 me?? fnkz if u r ll
kabaddi 19510 i gave him a kabaddi.org shirt lol jk
kabaddi_06 19515 NO WAY
kabaddi 19515 double touch on gurjit by tirath
kabaddi_06 19522 lol hahaur funni man
Kooner 19526 thats sad AMO
kabaddi 19540 listen guys you can chat if you want but im gonna get frozen up again
sangha07 19540 can every1 stop typing apart frm amo plz!
kabaddi_06 19542 gve him a shirt XL yh lol jkn
kabaddi 19547 point for dhulla again
kabaddi_06 19555 sorry
kang 19556 yea man
sandhu 19560 thats bribery
kabaddi 19562 kuljeeta touches meek and gets away
Kooner 19563 Dulla is killin it today
kabaddi 19568 jogi raiding
Kooner 19569 s anyone stopped him
kabaddi 19571 crowd goes wild
kabaddi 19578 pappu had him
kabaddi 19584 he sprints past pappu easily
kang 19587 best raider baby his name shud be on superstar page
kabaddi 19588 here comes gurlal
kabaddi_06 19590 na not dhulla
kabaddi 19603 mangi vs gurlal
kabaddi 19614 they run to the line and mangi dives for his legs with no success
kabaddi 19617 here goes keepa
kabaddi 19625 keepa vs pappu
kabaddi 19627 battle
kabaddi 19634 pushing pushing point keepa
kabaddi 19643 sandeep on raid
nijjar 19644 has it started yet
kabaddi 19653 he goes for mangi and tirath grabs him
kabaddi 19655 double touch
kabaddi 19662 yeah usa winning
kabaddi 19666 sonu raiding
kang 19667 oh damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
kabaddi 19670 pappu again
kabaddi 19674 sonu is way to fast for hijm
kabaddi 19683 gurjit raiding
kabaddi 19686 looks okay
kang 19686 he is a rocket
kabaddi 19690 mangi goes after him
kabaddi 19692 grabs his leg
kang_011 19695 go USA
kabaddi 19696 pushes him out
kabaddi 19699 two stops on gurjit
kabaddi 19709 three stops allready for usa
kabaddi_06 19709 OMG
kabaddi 19713 2 for meek , one for mangi
kang 19713 buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
sangha07 19714 dam!!!!
kang 19719 told u abt meek
kabaddi 19724 dhulla touches sandeep ambian for easy point
kang 19726 watch out donali gettin in
kabaddi_06 19728 no way
kabaddi 19731 kuljeeta raiding in white shorts
Kooner 19737 Meek is quality
kabaddi_06 19740 sum1 fone jeeti kooner l
kabaddi 19744 tunna chasing kuljeeta
Kooner 19752 been getting betta every season
kabaddi 19755 takes him down at the line but to late, kuljeetas point
kabaddi 19760 jogi raiding
kabaddi 19765 bhatt
kabaddi 19778 jogi stepped out, bhatt pushed him out
kabaddi 19780 point england
kang 19786 cool get it tight
kabaddi 19790 gurlal with quick easy point
Kooner 19797 come on england
kabaddi 19798 tirath complains there was no touch
sandhu 19809 usa up by 2.5
kabaddi 19811 keepa saduwla gets double touch
kabaddi_06 19818 koi gal ni
kabaddi 19820 sandeep sukhpuri raiding
kabaddi 19825 mangi going after him
Kooner 19826 koi na long way to go yet
kabaddi 19835 sandeep easily jukes him and gets by
kabaddi_06 19835 int kooner bhaji
kabaddi 19840 makhan singh commentating
kabaddi 19847 sonu jump goes stright down middle
kabaddi 19856 sandeep tries to push him out of bounds but sonu keeps his balance
kabaddi_06 19859 BIG UP MAKHAN SINGH
Kooner 19861 have faith
kabaddi 19862 sonu hasn't been stopped all day
kabaddi 19866 alhtough a few close ones
kabaddi 19873 gurjit stopped by meek
kang 19873 loveit if makhan doin the buraaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi 19875 battling on ground
kabaddi 19881 tryhing to flip him over but gives in
kabaddi 19886 3 stops for meek
kang 19893 buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kabaddi_06 19898 let pappu go on fire den we'll c bout sonu jump we' change him 2 sonu cant JUMP
kabaddi 19899 not looking good for england
kang 19900 meek i told u bro
kang 19902 he is nuts
kang_011 19903 is this the final
Kooner 19906 balle balle Meek
kabaddi 19909 dhulla vs pappu
kang 19914 big names in big games allways work
kabaddi 19916 pappu starting to look jet lagged
kabaddi 19926 gurlal vs mangi
Kooner 19928 Mr Chata if u are listening big him back to Telford!
kabaddi 19938 gurlal doesn't give points up so esaily
kabaddi_06 19945 WHO KOONER
kabaddi 19950 jogi goes straight for bhat
Kooner 19955 Meek
kabaddi 19957 bhat grabs him and throwsh im out
kabaddi 19961 point england
kabaddi_06 19962 oh yh yh
kabaddi_06 19968 BUTT BRUUUUUUUAAAAA
kabaddi 19974 sandeep and tirath
kang 19976 cool
kabaddi 19979 point sandeep
kabaddi 19980 16-12
kabaddi 19983 16-13
kabaddi 19986 usa raid
kabaddi 19989 kuljeet raiding
kang 19991 damn so tight keep it there
kabaddi 19997 bhat goes again
kabaddi_06 19998 sandeep dhaliwaal bruuuuaaaaaaaa
Kooner 19998 is Butt doing flips yet?
kabaddi 20002 got a good grip on shoulder
sandhu 20007 usa always having the upper hand
kabaddi 20010 both go down but kuljeet gets right back up
kabaddi 20014 he did a flip earlier today
kabaddi 20028 gurlal getgs grabbed by mangi but not good enough
kabaddi 20037 sonu going again
kabaddi 20051 pappu gets smoked
kabaddi 20058 kuljeeta raiding
kabaddi_06 20062 omg
kabaddi 20062 guys are predicting a meek stop
kabaddi 20070 tunna goes
kang 20070 sonu ta aajana
kabaddi 20072 pushes
kabaddi 20081 easy walk aross line for kuljeet
kabaddi 20089 dhulla raiding
kabaddi 20092 pulls shorts up
kabaddi_06 20093 uljeeta malsia bruuuuaaaa
kabaddi 20095 spreads wings
kabaddi 20101 pappu goes again
kabaddi 20106 pushes him back all over the field
kabaddi 20111 n knocks over some singh camera man
kang 20121 buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
kang_011 20121 score please
kabaddi_06 20124 england point??
kang 20124 love it
kabaddi 20125 dhulla knocked over some guy , redo raid???
kabaddi 20130 point usa
kabaddi 20135 one sec
kabaddi 20141 sandeep raiding
kabaddi 20145 england down 4
kabaddi 20149 sandep vs tunna
kabaddi_06 20154 com on pappoooooooo yaar
kabaddi 20160 tunna always going one on one to the line but no stps
Kooner 20163 pain di
kabaddi 20165 pappa needs to chill
kabaddi 20169 waste a bit more time
kabaddi 20176 bhat goes jogi slips and falls
kabaddi 20185 and then sprints past bhat as bhat dives to get him
kabaddi 20188 gurlal on raid
kabaddi 20194 mekka gets gurlal
kang 20200 thats good work by tunna he make the raider tire
kabaddi 20200 had him good but gurlal slipped out
kabaddi 20205 powerhouse with huge calves
kabaddi_06 20210 main kappre la liga main pharde ina noo JKN lol
kabaddi 20217 keepa raiding
kang 20225 wooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo
kabaddi 20227 goes for sandeep ambian and pappa goes for him
kabaddi 20231 out of bounds or double touch
kabaddi 20235 kuljeeta raiding
kabaddi 20249 kuljeet goes for mangi, mangi wrestling him down
kabaddi_06 20256 ih ni phar honna desi monda
kang_011 20256 anybody knows where we can buy the world cup shirts from
kabaddi 20256 rightin front of us
kang 20257 damn goin nuts
Kooner 20258 both teams wasting no time!
kabaddi 20262 kuljeet dragging
kabaddi 20268 mangi's stop
kabaddi 20274 yeah crowds going crazy
kabaddi 20279 raiders wasting no time
kabaddi 20286 bhat chasing sonu but has no chance
kang 20290 yea baby thats how we do
kabaddi 20290 crowd loves
kabaddi 20296 it
sandhu 20303 usa on top now
kabaddi 20304 sandep gets grabbed by tirath and thrown out
kang 20306 sonu kithey hath auna heis a rocket
kabaddi 20308 that's classic kabaddi
kabaddi 20312 why fight when u can push them out
kabaddi 20317 yeah by like 6
Kooner 20319 must be 6.5 diff now>
kabaddi 20327 dhulla vs pappu
kabaddi 20332 pappu needs a break
kang_011 20334 go USA
kabaddi 20338 okay i got lag
kabaddi 20356 point for gurlal
amo 20369 jogi raiding
amo 20379 he goes for middle and sandeep tries to grab him
amo 20381 double touch
kang 20384 pappu will do 3 stops in a row i know him
sandhu 20386 usa on top now
kabaddi 20399 they['ve been on top since the first raid
Kooner 20414 Pappu needs Gopi
kabaddi 20414 kuljeet raiding
kabaddi 20419 double touch
kabaddi_06 20422 well sed true man
kabaddi 20429 england raiders are tired
kabaddi_06 20431 KOOOER RIGHT AGEN
kabaddi 20434 gurlal on raid
kabaddi 20443 mangi goes after him
kang 20447 yea final game n now u guys need some guy name gopi
kabaddi 20448 gurlal slips back but keeps balance
kabaddi 20451 walks across line
kabaddi 20453 half time
kang_011 20454 is JET playing for USA
kabaddi 20457 27-20
kabaddi 20463 he's on the team but not in right now
kang 20465 why didnt u pplz think it before the world cup
kabaddi_06 20468 kang shhhhhhhhhhh lol
kang 20475 keep it up bro
kang_011 20489 which kang
kabaddi_06 20499 not u normall kang lol
sangha07 20502 wel done amo ur doing a excellent job
kang_011 20507 lol
Kooner 20508 lol
kang_011 20510 aite
kabaddi 20515 haha i was always going for usa but looking at them they look much weaker than the other teams
kabaddi 20525 i mean england is stacked
kabaddi 20531 kesri punjab was
kabaddi 20534 canada east was
kabaddi 20539 u want clips?
Kooner 20544 u have Dulla and SONU
kang_011 20546 yea man
kabaddi_06 20547 now??
kabaddi 20559 see what we got
kang_011 20563 put the when they threw bottles and stuff
kabaddi 20567 half times are going by rather quick
kabaddi 20569 brb
kang 20594 yo try to interview winner n loser after the final
kang 20611 usa is way better team
kang_011 20635 and try to get shirts and sell them on kabbadi. org and stuff
kang 20643 howcome laddu didnt come
kabaddi_06 20656 on ni ohna lol
Kooner 20664 he was never asked
kabaddi_06 20666 dey dnt call ladoo
Kooner 20674 he aint all that now
sangha07 20677 laddu neva comes
kang_011 20687 did GOVINDA played today
kang 20689 i heard he is big time in kabadi
kabaddi_06 20697 cuz dey never ask he tld me himself well note my m8
sangha07 20700 his passport on that thats y
kang 20723 wa abt that guy gila something he is from barapind
kabaddi_06 20733 clips????
kang 20736 he used to play in manga's team
sandhu 20755 ladu hasn't got all his papers yet!!
kabaddi 20756 gotta download to pc and then upload
kabaddi 20759 hang on
kabaddi 20764 teams switching sides
kang 20774 great
kabaddi_06 20778 kk
kang 20783 let them switch
kang 20789 we r ready
kang 20793 time goes fast
kabaddi_06 20804 S MEEK INDIAN???
kang 20816 ye ahe is half punjabi
kabaddi 20824 dhulla gets double touched
kabaddi 20828 no he's not half punjabi
kabaddi 20833 he's everyrthing but indian
kabaddi 20837 mixed of all sorts of stuff
kang 20840 dhulla or sonu r best raiders
kabaddi_06 20843 lol
kabaddi 20845 tunna vs sandeep, sandeep wins
sandhu 20851 Ladu was married in england and is still awaiting his proper papers, otherwise he would play.
kabaddi 20852 tunna has had a lot of goes but not many stops
kabaddi 20855 jogi raiding
kabaddi_06 20858 yh i agree kang normall 1 lol
kabaddi 20865 pappu goes
kang 20870 buddy he was talkin to me in punjabi at abby tournie
Kooner 20870 he aint no punjabi
kabaddi 20877 easily run right past
kabaddi 20889 he knows some cuz he goes to school at simer fraser
kang 20892 not only sat shri akal he can speak all the desi hardcore words
kabaddi 20892 he's not punjabi
kabaddi 20903 keljeet raiding
kabaddi 20906 video online
kang 20910 i'll put on a video of him singin chamkila's song
kabaddi 20916 bhat goes for uperbody
kabaddi_06 20917 lmao
kang 20917 cool thnx
kabaddi 20925 really loud slap but kuljeet runs backwards for the point
kabaddi 20929 haha
kang 20936 damn nice
kabaddi 20938 tirath gets sandeep
kabaddi 20943 no getting out of this
kabaddi 20946 sandeep gives up
kabaddi 20949 sorry guys england is done for
kabaddi_06 20958 omg
kabaddi 20958 sonu ready to raid
kabaddi 20965 the guy hasn't been stopped all day
sangha07 20967 dam!!!!!!!!!!!!
kabaddi_06 20967 never lose hope
kabaddi 20972 double touch but play goes on
kabaddi_06 20974 penjod pappu kosh kar man
kabaddi 20976 sandeep pushes sonu
kabaddi 20982 sonu tries to keep balance but steps on line
kabaddi 20985 point sandeeps
kabaddi_06 20993 well du
kabaddi 20998 meeka had gurlal but gurlal gets away
sangha07 21001 come on!
kabaddi 21014 dhulla vs pappu
sandhu 21017 usa are too strong
kabaddi_06 21018 c dat now da tables gna flip
kabaddi 21018 dhulla baxks up
kang_011 21023 go USA
kabaddi 21029 dhulla dives and pappu goes for tackle
Kooner 21045 go Kabaddi!
kabaddi 21052 mangi gets sandeps angle
kabaddi 21057 sandeep slips
kang 21060 lol
kang 21068 nice video
kabaddi 21070 mangi misses opportunity and sandeep gets away
kabaddi 21075 sandeep vs jogi
kabaddi 21088 sandeep pushes jogi but he makes inbetween midline
kabaddi 21091 gurlal on raid
kabaddi 21108 tunan goes but gurlal easily fights him off and walks away with point
kabaddi 21113 kuljeet raiding
kabaddi 21121 pappu vs pappu
kabaddi 21132 kuljeet vs pappu
kang 21135 go to sleep valetio
kabaddi 21140 pappu has about 10 tries and zero stops
kabaddi 21148 gurlal raiding again
kabaddi 21151 double raids
Kooner 21156 thanks Kang
kang 21160 pappu goin to do it watch
kabaddi 21161 goes for meek but show's him who's boss
kabaddi_06 21166 lol
kabaddi 21168 nah to late for pappu now
kabaddi 21174 dhulla raiding
kabaddi 21183 goes for jassa but bhat double touches him
kabaddi 21189 sandeep raiding
kabaddi 21200 mangi chasing sandep from behind
kabaddi 21217 bhat goes for sonu
kabaddi 21221 joora comes lose
kabaddi 21230 but sonu easily runs past bhat
kang 21236 sweeet catch it on cam
kabaddi 21237 gurlal raiding
Kooner 21249 jatt da putt ya!
kabaddi_06 21256 phir vi gurlal gulal ahh
Kooner 21265 @#$*! i am supposed to support england
kabaddi 21269 mangi vs gurlal, gurlals point
kabaddi 21275 jogi raiding,bghat gets him
kabaddi 21276 ops him
kabaddi 21278 jogi is up
kabaddi 21282 pushes bhat to the ground
kang 21284 damn its gonna be hard to chose best raider
kabaddi 21287 makes him look like a clown
kabaddi 21291 crowd goes nuts
kabaddi 21297 stomping there feets in the bleachers
kabaddi 21300 meek has sandeep
kabaddi 21304 andeep out, meek has him again
kang 21308 they hate bhat i know that
kabaddi 21310 andeep trying to pick him up and drag him
kabaddi 21325 meek using wrestling ability to take sandeep away from line
kang 21328 meek is too good
Kooner 21331 who hates bhat
kabaddi 21345 nah they like him
kang 21347 canadians
Kooner 21348 Meek is quality
kabaddi 21354 double touch on kuljeet
kang 21356 indocanadians
kabaddi 21366 gurlal raiding, easy touch on tunna
kabaddi 21378 gurlal hasn't been stopped
kabaddi_06 21378 jeeti kooner di lod r kabaddi main tenooo dasiah si
kabaddi 21380 his turn next
Kooner 21387 Tunna has played @#$*!e today
kabaddi 21396 sandeep goes for dhullas leg but he slips away
kang 21421 playrs like ali they r jus makin money real blood is dhulla sonu tirath
kabaddi 21425 point for gurlal
kabaddi 21431 sonu raiding
kabaddi 21441 sandep getting juked
kabaddi 21448 pushes sonu and sonu barely stays in bounds for point
kabaddi 21458 sandeep raiding
kang 21473 sonu is too hott for british playrs
kabaddi 21473 double touch on sandeep by meek and tunna
kang 21479 they cant handle the heat man
kabaddi 21490 jogi vs jassa
Kooner 21490 lol
kabaddi 21498 jassa goes for legs than shoulder but no luck
kabaddi_06 21506 jassa chak de fateh
kabaddi 21508 gurlal raiding
kabaddi 21517 one on one with mangi
kang 21523 hun kithey nu fattey chukne
kang_011 21528 score please
kang 21541 almost there
kabaddi 21545 gurlal will be next player to come to canada
kabaddi 21556 kuljeeta raiding
kabaddi 21560 gets point of pappu
kabaddi_06 21561 chup kar
kabaddi 21564 42-34
kabaddi 21566 usa
kang 21569 no gurlaal not comin
kabaddi 21572 sandeep raiding
kabaddi 21578 quickly goes for leg
kabaddi_06 21580 hes happy in england
kabaddi 21581 no letting go now
kabaddi 21586 meek has to be best stopper
kabaddi 21594 he may break the record
kabaddi_06 21602 mygod
kang 21605 meek is the best stopper
kabaddi 21605 dhulla raiding
kabaddi_06 21607 ljeet noon bhejo
kabaddi 21609 bhat
kabaddi 21620 dhulla shows his experience
kabaddi 21622 does a dance
kang 21624 wa record he got only 5 stops so far
kang 21629 12 is the record
kabaddi_06 21629 bhat dhala hon
Kooner 21636 when i put him on superstar section everyone said that was mad!
kabaddi 21640 tirath goes for gurlal, so does mangi
kabaddi 21644 they don't call double touch
kabaddi 21647 play goes on
kang 21651 and the game is abt to end
kabaddi 21658 mangi grabs shorts, technical point
Kooner 21658 come on USA
Kooner 21663 LOL
sandhu 21663 gurlal is happy in uk and is an inspector in india so hasn't want to emigrate
kabaddi 21664 sonu raiding
kang 21671 lol
kabaddi 21674 sandep gets toasted
Kooner 21676 England is the 51st state!
kabaddi 21693 kuljeet goes for meek but misses
kang 21710 put this match on this site
kabaddi 21710 has one leg but kuljeet backs up and gets away
Kooner 21710 Gurlal is the "Prince of Patiala!"
kabaddi 21712 jogi raiding
kang 21721 englandia tuhada ta kadhu kash kar dhita
kabaddi 21724 double touch by sandeep
kabaddi_06 21732 YH MAN jogi noo dhala
kang 21746 jogi magic kari janda
kabaddi 21754 kuljeeta gets point
kabaddi 21767 kuljeet vs bhat
kabaddi_06 21770 main tenoo dhikalda magic lol
kabaddi 21771 bhat has him close to line
kabaddi 21774 backs him up
kabaddi 21783 but kuljeet overpowers him and makes it across
kabaddi 21786 crowd goes crazy
kabaddi 21791 gurlal raiding
kang 21796 england have chance in vancouver
kabaddi 21801 mangi goes after gurlal
kabaddi 21805 takes him down
kabaddi 21809 4 feet away
kabaddi 21813 point gurlal
Kooner 21825 fair play to USA they played brilliant all day!
kabaddi 21830 pappu vs dulla
kabaddi_06 21831 furget vancover we wanan win ere
kabaddi 21850 good battle but point for dhulla at the end
kabaddi 21857 pappu 0-12 (estimate)
kabaddi 21868 tirath double touch on kuljeet
kabaddi 21880 sonu raiding
kang 21888 i still believe in pappu
kabaddi 21891 sandeep goes for him and gets smoked again
kabaddi 21896 tall guys should stay away from sonu
kang_011 21897 is the match alomst over
kabaddi_06 21907 tru man lol
kabaddi 21908 mangi and kujleet
kabaddi 21911 both in white shorts
kabaddi 21922 not long left but kujleet gets point
kabaddi 21925 aarshi in for usa
sandhu 21925 nangal ambian done nothing again put seeta on
kabaddi 21934 aarshi, meek, tirath and mangi
kabaddi 21942 mangi vs jogi
kabaddi 21948 yeah nearly finished
kang_011 21950 man they should put JET in
Kooner 21953 John Gill di balle balle hogi!!!
kabaddi 21957 jet and aarshi tirath and meek stopping
kabaddi_06 21959 furget jet
kabaddi 21961 gurlal raiding
kabaddi 21964 uk has no chance
sangha07 Amo well done, u bin excellent today,thanks a lot, an ur team also has won, dam u !!!!!!
kabaddi gurlal goes for meek
kabaddi hahaha i'm british citizen bro
kabaddi but yeah usa are my boyz
kabaddi sonu point of bhat again
kabaddi game over
sangha07 u joka amo!!!!!
kabaddi fireworkds
kabaddi_06 lol
kabaddi fireworks inside
sangha07 dam
sangha07 done usa
kabaddi_06 oh man
kang fk man englandio sorry yaar
kabaddi confeti all over the place
sandhu well done USA dominated the match
kabaddi_06 stoppers let us down pappu bhatall u'z DA U
Kuli usa won!!
Kuli brahhhhhhh
sangha07 well done usa
sandhu paapu got 0 stops right
Kooner USA KILLED IT!!!!
kabaddi_06 Congrats 2 USA wellaeyd suprise team though
sangha07 pappu dam
Kuli no way
Kooner Dulla has to be best raider
sangha07 amo final score plz
Kooner Meek best stopper
kabaddi cheers
Kuli how many stops meek get
kang but vancouver's tournie gonan be on grasss
kabaddi o stops for pappu in the final
sangha07 final score amo????
sandhu maybe sonu or jogi
kabaddi monety talks lol jk
kabaddi no sonu
kabaddi well they both got stopped once all day, maybe twice for dulla
kabaddi_06 no dhulla
kang jogi?????????????????????????? wa abt dhulla?
kabaddi tirath gets picked up
kang why u pplz ignore the best raider
kabaddi jogi got stopped twice
kang he is a classy playr
kabaddi_06 dhulla raider of tourny
Kuli amo u record the match?
kabaddi keepa for usa didn't get stopped
kabaddi but didn't raid as much
Kuli or the tourney?
kabaddi sunny dhillon recorded
kabaddi and channi from to
kabaddi gotta wait for an announcement
kabaddi does it really matter what the score is
kabaddi_06 wen wll da macth b on da site?
kang thnx for everythin u guys did today
kabaddi_06 NO IT DNT AMO lol
kang was intrestin
kabaddi yeah no worries
kang its gym time
sangha07 final score plz
kang i'll play for england next yr pooor valetio
kabaddi_06 BIG up 2 AMO ad da crew fnkz 2 all u tru kabaddi supporters
Kuli amo try to get a copy of it i'll pay wutever teh price is
sangha07 im telling jeeti kooner thats y
kabaddi we got home video, ill convert it to dvd or something
kabaddi_06 Kang emial me boutda fing yh
kabaddi gurlal never got stopped
kabaddi_06 303 AMO HIP HIP HURRAY
kabaddi 322 one sec i'll go to stage just for u sandhu
kabaddi_06 341 Nice chattn 2 evry1 especialy Kooner Kang and of course AMo and da team lol fnkz bhajiz
Kuli 344 home video is coo too just somthin to watch n' learn a lil
kabaddi 357 yeah the team
kabaddi 367 well see what we can do about official video as well
kabaddi 369 we gotta go
kabaddi 373 team is tired
kabaddi_06 389 Get me summin im frm Valet man lol
kabaddi 391 talk to you all later
Kuli 400 USA
Kooner 401 its a wrap from us all tonight!
Kuli 405 hahaha yeaaaaaaaaaaa
kabaddi 437 don't expect any pics and stuff soon because were off to the afterparty
kabaddi 444 and then back to work lol
kabaddi_06 452 lol u luky peepz
kabaddi 476 change the homepage back?
kabaddi_06 482 fnkz once agen succefulhat fing dis hard wurk dere once agen fnkz2 all da fanz and AMOand da team
kabaddi 492 goodnight everyone from uk
kabaddi 509 thanks kabaddi06 we appreciate your support
kabaddi 513 but you can stop now lol
sandhu 518 FINAL SCORE PLS
kabaddi 561 51-41
kabaddi 568 best stopper meeka
Kuli 571 damnnn
kabaddi 571 best raider gurlal
Kuli 572 10 pts
kabaddi 574 congrats to them
sandhu 577 goodnight
Kuli 585 wut aout raider?
kabaddi 591 gurlal
kabaddi 614 allright we need to go and mingle now
sangha07 629 go on then amo im jealous
kabaddi 701 allright everyone get lost now
kabaddi 708 kang is that you from australia?
kabaddi_06 720 i aint goin no whee jkes fnz once agen 2 da team c ya
kang_011 738 naw from california
kabaddi 747 oh nice
kabaddi 751 we won it baby
kabaddi 754 california love
kang_011 764 yup
Kuli 764 holla
Kuli 768 yuba city lov
Kuli 769 aha
kang_011 770 thats how we do
sandhu 787 goodnight
Kuli 789 wooo wooooooooooooooo
kabaddi 805 goodnight yaar
kang_011 cant wait till the DVD comes out
kabaddi your wife probably been yelling at you for the last 2 hours
Kuli gnite all
kabaddi yeah catch you later
Kuli and amo try to get a hold of the home made vid
kabaddi okay internet going offline
sangha07 hahaha
sangha07 lata amo thanxs once again!
sangha07 goodnyt and godbless
kang_011 sat sri akal
sandhu yeah enjoy the party, talk 2morrow