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Aussie Tournament
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big brother
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Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2004 1:21 am    Post subject: Aussie Tournament

GEEZER posted 4/14/04 11:12 PM
It was a great tournament. Sydney winners but watch for Singh Sabha Melbourne, they are on the way back to the top in all sports!

Guest posted 4/15/04 5:52 AM
thanks for the update geeza
where there any teams from outside of Australia or New Zealand?

emmjay posted 4/15/04 6:03 AM
Singh Sabha will rock Griffith.

emmjay posted 4/15/04 6:06 AM
Teams from Sydney (Riversby, Parklea), Brisbane, New Zealand (Wishing Well), Melbourne( Singh Sabha, and the other one).
guest1 posted 4/15/04 6:55 AM
When are images from the ozzy tournament going to appear the site? New Zealands performance was disappointing wasnt it?

Jatt posted 4/15/04 9:36 PM
Singh Sabha keep dreaming and it will neva come true. Neway the matchs were great and awesum crowd "chics" hehe kiddin. Every team played well, NZ did good too the stoppers were good but they need better raiders. Out of all the teams i tink sydney (parklea) team played the best they smashed brisbane one of the best teams. And those lil teenager stoppers fukin wicked, stopped every good raider in the whole tourney and they only had two raiders ( good on the whole team especially t.j and sonu). At the end riversvy ends up takin it out, well done to GOPI, BASANT, PALI and BOB. Chak Dao

GEEZER posted 4/17/04 3:47 AM
JATT, You are a misguided fool. The only reason Melbourne didn't win kabaddi (or soccer) was because of the conspiracy against them.

emmjay posted 4/17/04 7:19 AM
ahh i see geezer is aware of the 'issues'... what state are you from geezer?

jatta posted 4/20/04 10:20 AM
singh saba didnt hav any conspiracy against then u twat they jst simpaly lost.... u guys always got excuses fukn sore lowers or wat!

desi posted 4/20/04 10:27 AM
yeh jatta thats so true if they were really true sports man they'd jst put there heads down and except it and train hard for the next tournement

emmjay posted 4/20/04 10:37 PM
I dont know who geezer is, but at no point is anybody making any excuses or justifications for the final standings. Final for the unaware were Sydney, Singh Sabha, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane ... I think what geezer and I were trying to do was constructively analyze the various performances by teams at the tournament, as opposed to making derogatory comments – negatively contributing to the forum..
As for being sportsmen, Singh Sabha has more quality sports people than "desi jatta's", desi and jatta.
For the unaware, the conspiracy theory in this final match in Brisbane, is related to the biased anti Singh Sabha views of certain officials officiating at the final.
Singh Sabha has only been around for one and a half years… in that time they’ve come 2nd in Sydney, 1st in Melbourne, 1st at Griffith, 1st in Perth, and 2nd in Brisbane… quite impressive for a team where half the team hadn’t played kabaddi two years ago. Don’t you think?
Ohh, one more thing 'jatta', try not to swear, it doesnt help your argument one iota - it just shows how ignorant and intellectually challenged you are … challenged to express yourself in a constructive manner.

Kabaddi.org Administrator
(Moderator) posted 4/22/04 9:15 PM

I agree - Singh Sabha team was good -
Mandeep is got to be the most outstanding Raider in Australia N New New Zealand I should add and he is a good sportmenship as well, all in all Australian Kabaddi League is very strong - some good upcoming players scattered in all teams I should say - well organised tournament and the best thing is lot of them are local lads playing this sport -
watchout for these upcoming future stars - SOnu , Lakh , Jatinder - Taran Mandeep - that stopper in Sonu's team - Basant and Bobby (need to work on his weight - hehehe )
Ricky - Rajan - Arji from New Zealand
Its looking like a good team for World Cup in Toronto I say - what you guys reckon
Whats that website with Sikh Games photos
something loiuis photos.com.au or something - anybody knows the address ??

WEbsite for KABADDI Fanatics

emmjay posted 4/22/04 10:43 PM
Ive been thinking about the Australian team for the world cup. I can see a lot of ‘arguing’ between the three states … how do you guys think that the teams should be picked?
My personal opinion, I think it should be based on teams that compete at the Sikh Games. There are five teams in Australia. I think to eliminate disputes between teams (for different states – because this is bound to happen) the number of positions in the national team should be allocated on a team basis.
For example there are 10 positions in the national team, and 5 teams in Australia from which to pick players. I think that the positions in the national team should be allocated as follows:
1st place at Sikh Games -> 3 positions
2nd place at Sikh Games -> 3 positions
3rd place at Sikh Games -> 2 positions
4th place at Sikh Games -> 1 position
5th place at Sikh Games -> 1 position
Total 10 places
Each team picks their representative for the team.
The shortcoming of this approach is that the 5th placed team could have two good players and the remaining team members could be “really average” – or the first team could be a team of consistently average players…
Anyway, my team for the national team:
1. Pali
2. Sonu (Sydney)
3. Lali (Captn)
4. Mandeep
5. Hardip
6. Jassa
7. The older Nijjar
8. Basant
9. Bobby
10. Sonu (Melbourne)
Lali captain due to his seniority.
louisphotos.com.au is the website for the Sikh games in australia.

Sher Panjab Da posted 4/25/04 1:03 AM
yo administrator - can ya name the nz team that went ova to aussie, i was just wondering who went over and who didn't.
plus can ya let us kno of any tournaments comin up in nz

i think da wishing well soccer team playd well considering the draw they had.i mean they had to play the finalists from coffs harbours games.the first game they lost 3-2 to brisbane sikh united and that team 1 da tournament,they shud hav drwn dat game wit BSU scorin in the last minute 2 clinch the win.they beat coffs coast 5-0,then in the quarters they had 2 play last years champions sydney tigers ,and sydney won dat 2-1,wishing well auckland had a lot of chances in this game but coudnt finish them off,but overall as a member of the i think the all da boys had a great time they enjoyd it.da boys finally got sum competition on the field unlike in new zealand where der is no other team that can compete at ther level.that was probably y we lost caus we dnt gt much competition over in auckland and 2 go and play against teams at the same level who have ben playn at these tournaments 4 years it does give them the advantage .atleast we were the best overseas team

emmjay posted 5/6/04 6:45 AM
anyway .. this is a kabaddi forum .. not soccer. any comments about the nz kabaddi team?

Smile posted 5/7/04 5:28 AM
Emjay wrote: "anyway .. this is a kabaddi forum .. not soccer. any comments about the nz kabaddi team?"
This threads about the aussie tournament so i think its allright to discuss the soccer teams that participated but yeah it should be kept to a minimum
as for comments on the NZ team, here's mine: STICK TO RUGBY AYE! lol just kidding don't take it personal mate
i have one more comment
the grass sure looks really nice in the australian and NZ kabaddi pictures Smile
can see why they chose NZ to shoot the LOTR

emmjay posted 5/7/04 5:57 AM
this thread is titled "aussie tournament' on the kabaddi.org tournament. If you want to talk about soccer, go to the thread titled 'Aussie Tournament' on the soccer.org site please.
Anyway, if my punjabi brother wants to talk about soccer on the kabaddi.org site under the 'Aussie Tournament' thread, who am i to stop him. Enjoy bro! Dont listen to my smart ass comments.

bruahhh posted 5/10/04 4:54 AM
that wishing well dude is up himself, there is good competition in nz for socca, at the bombay tournament otahuhu gave u a good go, u only won by penalty shoot out, and in the past tauranga has also been up there as well...
so don't get carried away there mate, just cause u are sponsored doesn't mean u r the best in nz!

wishiing well auckland posted 5/31/04 4:05 AM
Hey bruaah,i dnt kno wat team u play 4 (otahuhu or da skillfull tauranga team)bt u tell me who has won all da soccer tournaments in new zealand in da past 2 years or so.and dat bombay tournament we jus coudnt finish of all da chances we created unlike otahuhu ddnt even get any chances.So MATE dnt b jealous f ur team is not good enuf.and bout the sponsors,i think people sponser u because u da team dat every wants 2 beat and every 1 r talkin bout dem.hopefully 1 day u guys can win.lets c ur team goin 2 aussie and c f they even get a goal ,and i bet u ,u wnt b able 2 score no goals brotha.lol

bruahh posted 5/31/04 4:41 AM
hahah - see u proved to me that ur up urself ther again. lolz
chill out matey, we cud go on for eva but there's no point- bak to the kabaddi, u kno when the takanini tournament is??

wishing well posted 5/31/04 11:02 PM
y r u jealous ,lol,wat team u play 4? in aussie day sed da takanini tournmnt is on da 19-20,bt da gurduwara is nt even complete,ders goin 2 b kabaddi world cup in griffith and den those teams r goin 2 cum 2 auckland.anoda thing our team played at a ithnic cup in hamilton last year,we represented da new zeland sikh community and we won ,wat hav u achieved aye

bruahh posted 6/2/04 2:55 AM
yo again mr wishing well up himself Smile
u lost to the Somalians

wishing well posted 6/4/04 3:56 AM
r u jealous? lol

Netball all da way! posted 6/15/04 1:53 AM
YO !HOW DO U PLAY NETBALL??????????????????????????????

Amo posted 6/15/04 5:50 AM
lol my mom always tells me about how she used to play netball in her school days
stick to discussing kabaddi related stuff yeah
if your serious about netball check out http://www.netball.org (see link below). I think its like basketball with no backboard and only two players can score and they don't dribble the ball or something like that. See the about Netball page for all the rules
About Netball LOLz

Kabaddi.org Administrator
(Moderator) posted 6/15/04 9:39 PM

Results from Grifith tournament
Apparently it was a good tournament with above average turnout
I only know the final score
Brisbane beat Parklea
Best raider - Lali from Brisbane
Best stopper - Peta from Brisbane
So Brisbane is the team to beat at the moment
Congratulations to Brisbane for winning the tournament and Parklea for making the finals
Perhaps somebody from Ozzie can give us the score and other updates around it

WEbsite for KABADDI Fanatics

Prabh posted 7/4/04 8:02 AM
watch out 4 sydney tournament ( 15 august) Glenwood (new ground), Melbourne bringing its (wrestlers stoppers back) revesby wanting to get back after a 8 point loss from parklea and 1/2 point loss from brisbane @ griffith and parklea getting in2 full action, the prize 4 1st place is not bad ($5000),
well as far as i know this tournament is gonna have some fireworks....

Amo posted 7/8/04 3:59 PM
came across this link
don't know how long it'll be up so i'll post some of the information down below
KABADDI: Grand Final:
Result: Runners Up (Melbourne)
Kabaddi, in times past considered to be the game of warriors, was contested between Singh Sabha Sports Club (Melbourne), Riversby (Sydney), Brisbane Sikhs, Melbourne Punjabi Sports Club, and New Zealand. All players were well prepared for the competition, finely tuned for the countries greatest title - The Australian Nationals.
The kabaddi event, as per usual was exceptionally well attended with flocks of people huddling around the kabaddi arena, witnessing the fierce competition between the real powerhouse players of the country.
Singh Sabha Sports Club team played with tremendous vigor and spirit throughout the tournament. Facing an early setback from loosing one of their key team members due to illness, raider Manjit S. Johal, Singh Sabha was determined to perform - and perform well.
Despite the fact that they weren't expected to make it much past the first round, the team had made it to the finals against the favourites- Sydney's Riversby team. It was closely contested game and the result was not a disappointment for anyone - the winners or the losers.
When the final whistle blew and the final score was disclosed, it was a single raid SSSC were down by. The team weren't disappointed, as they had put in their all!
Along with Sarinder Johal, the master of kanchis, Sonu the master at everything, Kuldip Bassi the most powerful stopper in Australia, Jatinder Loyal the leg dive master and Rajmel the complete package, efforts of Jagroop and Ranveer debut stoppers were much appreicated.
The raiders Mandeep Johal with his speed, Hardip Bassi the most powerful raider in Australia, Sodhi Singh with his foot touches and Pinda with his upper body strength averaged less than one stop between them.
Best Raider award went to Singh Sabha Sports Club's Mandeep Johal for his performance. Appreciated for speed and quickness, his naturally clean and safe game was adored by the spectators.
Efforts of the team officials and senior members Balbir Singh Gill, Balbir Singh Aujla, and Paramjit Singh Semra for 2004 were recognised and praised.
SSSC Melbourne Kabaddi Team 2004:
Harvinder Singh (Sonu Captain - Stopper), Surinder Singh Johal (Vice-Captain - Stopper) Mandeep Singh Johal (Raider), Kuldeep Singh Bassi(Stopper), Hardip Singh Bassi (Raider), Ranveer Singh Gill(Stopper), Rupinder Singh Samra(Raider), Sodhi Singh(Raider), Jagroop Singh Dhillon (Stopper),Jatinder Singh Loyal Stopper), Rajmel Singh (Stopper).
Co-Ordinators - Balbir Singh Gill and Balbir Singh Aujla. Coach - Sam Malik.

Bharat Times online - sports news

Prabh posted 7/16/04 12:29 AM
who would be counted as best Raiders and Stoppers From AUSTRALIA...


emmjay posted 7/18/04 3:25 AM
The message from Amo, two messages back (the long one) was written for the newspaper RE: Singh Sabhas performance at the Brisbane games. To those of you from other teams that didnt get a mention, the article is for Singh Sabha Fans only.
Look forward to seeing you all in Sydney where Singh Sabha is going to take home the $5000 first prize.

jAtT posted 7/20/04 5:43 AM
emmjay....ehnna mann na sajna kariye beganne putt lutt jann gaa. Good luck to ur singh sabha dude.

emmjay posted 7/22/04 4:22 AM
thanx for the well wishes jatT. Wish the best of luck to whichever team you support.
I must say, ive heard some murmurs that that Singh Sabha isnt coming anymore to sydney. I saw them train last week - but apprently sydney isnt allowing two of their players to play (becuase they've just come back from india) - becuase of the three month rule? Can anybody from Sydney confirm this? So, in protest, none of the team is going - pitty, beucase ive already booked my ticket up!

Prabh posted 7/26/04 4:55 AM
Singh Sabha aint coming cos they are afraid of losing, they are the first one's to bring out the rule of person being in the state/country for 3 months and now its comes on them they chicken out cos they are gonna lose.. shud play kabaddi for fun! doesnt matter if u win or lose.

Victorian Punjabi posted 7/26/04 7:04 AM
apparently these two guys in question have lived in australia for more than one year (cumulative). For the mis-informed, that rule was bought in so that people wouldn’t ‘import’ players just for the “National Annual Sikh Ganes” – pls correct me if im wrong.
I don’t understand, I was at the meeting on the weekend – these guys represented Victoria at an Australian Olympic Committee competition, yet they cant represent Singh Sabha for kabaddi at this huge meet?!?!?
Yes, Id suggest that somebody is scared – and it aint Singh Sabha.

Last edited by big brother on Wed Aug 11, 2004 8:40 am; edited 4 times in total
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Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2004 11:11 am    Post subject:

Prabh, when brisbane bought jeti konner way back when, this "3month rule" was inforced - becuase jeti was here purely to play kabaddi for a specific tournament only.

From memory, the main people that were upset were sydney - which they have every right to be, seeing that most of nobody here is a professional player.

To say that Melbourne invented the rule and now they are crying is cow dust - are you trying to inflame emotions by falsely accusing Melbourne of hypocrisy?
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Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2004 9:59 am    Post subject:

the reason for my msg was that ok fine the 3 month rule was invented so that players cannot be imported from overseas eg: jeeti kooner, jus to win the tournament, but at brisbane games, singh sabha melbourne were the ones who didnt let a player called "bita" play due to that rule. he lives here and has played many games b4, therefore when the 3 month rule was enforced upon melbourne and these two players cannot play, what the hell do they mean they will not bring there team to sydney jus cause these players cannot play.
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Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2004 2:43 am    Post subject:

Okay, so we agree that the 3month rule was bought in for 'imported' players from 'overseas eg: jeeti kooner, just to win the tournament'. Good, we agree on that.

Now, Sundeep for singh sabha has been in australia for over a year - although he just came back from india for a holiday. Now if politics comes into play, and it is deemed that sandeep has not been in australia for more than three months (although he has represented Victoria at the Australian national titles - an event held by the Australian Olympic committee), if an effort is made to split the singh sabha team for the purposes of this tournament only, if Singh Sabha claims that it is being treated unfairly, and the organizers do not wish singh sabha to play in its full form – and do not wish to further the sport of kabaddi in australia, i think singh sabha is open to protest the decision and not participate (players standing by players) - there is always another competition isn’t there just around the corner. I wonder what people would say then.

Now the other issue of what happened in Brisbane. Singh Sabha didnt let bita play - yes. Why, not because they were claiming that the Riversby team was in violation of the three month rule - (bita) has been in australia for many many years – the reason was because bita was not a part of the Riversby team - his name was not on the list. If a player is not 'on the team' he cant play for the team - that goes for any sport. If this wasnt the case, a hypothetical example, if it were a Riversby - Brisbane final, both sydney teams could merge for the final game (with the aim to win) - which im sure everybody will agree that this is unfair. If however the two sydney teams however, had declared that they will be playing together, all their names were on the one list - im sure nobody will have a problem.

Now Taran, he was on the list, he came from Sydney to Brisbane for the final - purely for the final. His name was on the list, although he was fresh and didn’t play a single game - there were no objections, as he was on the list.
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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 7:54 am    Post subject:

the objection is held by all the other teams, therefore its not just one team. and if melbourne pull out, they gotta think about that because if they do... i doubt if any other team is going to come when melbourne host its games in november. plus kuldip. S. bassi has agreed to the objection, which is fair. because the if he wanted to protest he could have and we all know he's good at that..

its good for melbourne agreeing to objection and playing without these two player with objection. Rolling Eyes
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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2004 11:01 pm    Post subject: Sydney Tournament Results

Results for Brisbane tournament,

Unfortunately Dashmesh Sports Club Parklea Lost Again to Brisbane in THE FINAL. But Very Tight and close match and few referee errors.

Revesby Lost both to Parklea and Brisbane

Singh sabha Melbourne disqualified

Best Stopper: Nita Kooner

Best Raider: Sonu Kang
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Hall of Famer

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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 5:25 am    Post subject:

Thanks for the Brisbane tournament update Prabh
Well done Sonu Kang, another best raider recognition for the U21 superstar in the making
You mentioned Sonu and Nita Kooner as best raider and best stopper
but for which teams did these two play for?
I'm guessing Brisbane since they won but please clarify
also, how did the 20 year old Lakha Nijjar do? i've read that he was named best stopper a few times in a row in the Aussie tournaments
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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:22 am    Post subject:

sorry i didnt mention it, Sonu Kang and Nita Kooner Both Play for Dashmesh Sports Club Parklea... Nita Best Known As (LOCK) for his Gutt phar ke kenchi, and Sonu kang just a brilliant performance including Gurpreet Badwal. from same team. and unfortunately lakha nijjar didnt get any stops against parklea, another great performance by TJ, and MJ.
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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:39 am    Post subject: hey hey

First of all Sat Sri Akal to all my Kabaddi lovin brothers....OKAY all about the sydney Tournament, What a fukin crowd and what a fukin FINAL MATCH. Ok i tink australia needs qulified refrees, they shudnt be connected to any teams. There were Four Teams all together Riversby(sydney). Dashmesh Sports Club Parklea(sydney), Singh Sabha Melbourne and Brisane Sikhs team. First match Riversby vs Parklea....Parklea won with good points to riversby. Then Melbourne were spose to play Brisbane they jus chickend out...lol jks some bullshit about imported players came in so they didnt play.( i would like to say sumthin here im not part of any team or in any politics jus wanna say that the Melbourne team came all the way to play and i heard they were notified about their imported wrestlers would not be allowed to play. Their team should have played, i mean look at Parklea team they only had about 7 players and they stil played the whole tournament. Well their decision was wrong to walk out the ground like that) Then the Brisbane and Riversby match what a disgrace...Riversby played real shit even honey lil bother was gettin away and all their raiders were gettin smashed. And now the FINAL match wat a fukin match never seen a match like this in years....as prabh guy said alot of refree errors.....Sonu was the star of the match without a doubt played really well he;s improved his game alot keep it up big boy. Parklea is the future team has yound stoppers and quility raiders like lovejit gurpreet and Sonu Kang. Brisbane played awesum aswell .Amo Lakha played good not as good because i heard he had an injuiry and got his ear operated and maybe wasnt able to do much trainin....Honey played really good also the big lad Lally was bit angry saw him slappin around parklea stoppers also played really good.Well done to all the boys. Peace
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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:51 am    Post subject:

hey man Lakha did get stops againt Parklea...he stoped gurpreet couple of times. Peace
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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:51 pm    Post subject:

To the post earlier regarding who won best raider/stopper and which team did they represent... okay neeta was the best stopper - the only person challenging was the brisbane teams stoppers but neeta was a clear winner.

Sonu was certainly in my opinion not the best radier. When i saw lali raid, i thought he was clearly the best. Whats the criteria anyway, do the organisers get together and select a raider (most probably) which explains why parklea players won these two awards, and why all the 'iffy' decisions were pro parklea.

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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 11:38 pm    Post subject:

Pitty we, Singh Sabha couldnt play.

The Singh Sabha kabaddi team consists of 8 wrestlers, whom play kabaddi for Singh Sabha for reasons not relevant to this thread. Of the 8, two were born overseas - they happen to be outstanding athletes. Of the two one has been here for 2months and 26 days ( exactly three months today). Previous to the tournament it was agreed (internally in singh sabha discussions) that he is not under 'the rules' permitted to play. The other, had played kabaddi in 2002 in Sydney, Griffith and Melbourne, went overseas to resign from his job, come back to australia played under the Australian Olympic Committee in a wrestling tournament representing Victoria (came first) and the sydney organizing committee deemed that he didn’t qualify under the 'three month rule' to play a kabaddi tournament in sydney. On the day of the tournament, each Singh Sabha was asked about the decision by 'the people that dont matter' - not one single player was willing to play without this one player 'on principals'. We’d came to Sydney knowing that there murmurs that the three month rule would come into play – we came hoping that the issues will be sorted. Make of these facts what you will - these are the facts.

We didn’t end up playing – we walked off – but we did offer the organizing committee a show match. Singh Sabha vs ‘the rest’ – atleast we could play together. That was refused – the argument ‘sadi bezathi’ – the organizers didn’t want to overrule there decision – the decision they made not to allow us to play.

Most people who read this thread probably know who i am through my username - im not concerned with putting my name to what i say - so if you want to reply to this id ask that you put your name to it.

Some people, from reading other posts may consider me to be a good raider - my name has been mentioned a few times - but let me tell you this. I train with this guy in question (sandeep - the 'imported stopper') and i know that he is here to stay. Ive been played against the best stopper at this tournament neeta (and yes he is good), but sandeep will beat any stopper (and i mean anybody) there is (that includes jeti kooner) - in my opinion - if further qualification on this is required do ask.

Where ever the next tournament is the three months will be up, this guy will be a permanent resident, and unfortunately for all my fellow raiders - he will make more stops than anybody else. He has never played kabaddi before coming to australia- he has only played in australia, he is new to the game. Another thing he also is a champion - trust me, i know it first hand.

Whether the next tournament is played in Melbourne, the world cup, the games or at griffith. Singh Sabha will play another day, and guess what, as of today the three month rule is up! These guys will be permanent - I wonder what the political argument will be then.

Ohh yes, and the guy from the parklea organizing committee that claimed that i said that we will 'chuck daman geh'.... when did i say that???? It must be in this forum, please point me to the line which reads ‘chuck daman geh’.

On a brighter note, these guys arent kabaddi players and wont hassle us for to long.
they wish to concentrate on wrestling … but on a negative note, maybe they’d get use to winning kabaddi matches…
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desi from New Zealand

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 1:17 am    Post subject: what should be done

I agree with all this - you guys need to get a unbiased ref

no point - putting your heart and body out there when the ref keeps on 'flicking' the wrong points - no matter what happens - we all know that a Player even he is from a team who is not playing will always have some connection somewhere - even he is fair there is always that doubt about his intentions and impartiality

if say that player ' played one of the teams in the Semi's ' and their team lost badly to the finalists then even he isn't biased - if somehting like this happens like you guys been explaing it simply puts lot of doubts in players minds

so getting a ' proper ref who is impartial ' very hard task I agree ' is the only way forward - its worth spending few dollars on getting good refs

I totally agree - get your Australian Federation sorted - Here in NZ we have just registered our consitutionally accepted NZ Kabaddi Federation - atleast you will have some rules to fall back on if things get dirty and muddy

Anyway good stuff by all of you guys who participated in that tournament - thats whats its all about - participation and playing with bit of sportsmanship

Play it hard and play it fair
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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 2:42 am    Post subject:

The Crowd in Sydney was the best ever seen, every stop was cheered like no other and every raid was clapped all the way, well done to the sydney community for contribution towards players of both side.

As Jatt said: Parklea is "the Side" to watch in coming tournaments more and more young players wanting to play by just watchin Tj and Mj in there teens and smashed revesby raiders even the more experienced and better players honey and babi from brisbane were no match.

It was shocking watching revesby team they were one of the best sides and now they get beaten in the first game, come on guys.....

JatT: Lakha Didnt get any stops against parklea, pita pushed gurpreet outside once and this new dude wid blue shirt picked him up in the air, anyway he's good stopper and hopefully he'll make a comeback in the next tournament,

Emmjay there hasnt been any objections b4 against melbourne. this time there was and it was held. That the way to go atleast you know there is a commitee.

And "the show match", wat the hell...... show match is between the best team and other team with best players from different teams,

Melbourne 'n' the best, u r going too far mate. and your saying these wrestlers are going to be best stoppers well till then i dont think the raiders are going to stop training, they are going to work even harder to improve there game aswell..
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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 4:02 am    Post subject:

prab, in response to your last post.

If your criteria for a show match is 'the best team and other team with best players from different teams' thats what Singh Sabha was proposing. Singh Sabha believed they were the best - so that what they proposed ... they put their offer on the table for the others to accept and reject.
Just another point, you'd be kidding yourself if you dont believe that sandeep is the best stopper. Ive actualy gone against all the stoppers that were playing on sunday - without being biased, sandeep is good. Thats just my opinion - i guess we'd need to wait till next time for either one of the two of us to be proven right/wrong.
Anyway, a healthy constructive debate is a good debate...
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